A little on this weekend


So things are finally starting to get rolling. I put in my imagery for some promotional material for the March 13th art show so I can spread the good news about the gallery opening. That’s good news, I’m putting more good energy out there to book some more art shows.

This weekend also looks like it’s shaping up for some other fine adventures. We’ve both got auditions for two shows this Saturday. One for a developing show that will be growing into a full-fledged musical in June, and one for some private-party theatrical shows we hope to get our acting selves onto. Both wouldn’t require too much of a commitment and would allow for us to make other opportunities in the area. I’m interested in both productions, but that’s not all that’s happening!

Sunday both Sam and I are involved with the Los Angeles travel site “Discover Los Angeles” all day this Sunday. We’re going on an all-expense-paid tour of LA and the nearby sights to take photographs of landmarks (Gruman’s Chinese Theatre, Disney Concert Hall, really nearly everything from Hollywood to Downtown) and cultural imagery. We are part of a group of 30 invited from the L.A. Visitor’s Bureau that are taking part in this and some of our photos may end up being used to promote travel destinations in LA. Cool, huh? Free food, culture and art in one whirlwind package sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday. I’ll put up pictures and a contest for you all to vote on will happen shortly after that, with a party to follow!

How did I get involved with it? Flickr had something do do with it :)

So that’s our weekend. Enjoy your Friday!


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