The Art of SnowEyes: Trepidation

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
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There are many stories that have gone into this painting as well as emotional themes planted piece by piece in the three years it took to complete.

The imagery pushes the eye to see more then the thoughtful Moon's face looking away from the shore of this living island, more than a little girl in restful pose beneath the layered tree. The place is moving, living out in earnest hope that fear cannot control the human spirit, high on the hill where a shadow's tree grows strong.

IMGP3889editaTrapidation Detail

The work began on a wild night at Tulsa's Diversafest (Dfest) in late July 2007. I was personally going through my own trepidation that night. On stage to an audience I literally threw paint on the canvas in the dark bar to the marvelous music of Autumn Shade. The room was so loud, the venue so small, and the fans were plentiful and emotional that night for the paint to find itself easily.

I originally painted a black crow where the hill now covers the bird. You can see the vague outline of the wise figure beneath the tree if you gaze hard enough and your imagination runs wild.

During the first painting process I used oil paint, allowing the turpentine to make the sky drip with emotion and layer. I also created the beginnings of the moon in the sky and made the large tree's structure.


Six months later I continued on with the painting in acrylic, adding more rich color, being careful not to paint over the light textures the thinner allowed through. I finished the bird that night.

I continued work on the painting after a few more painting sessions adding subtle washes, and finished on November 9th, 2009. The bird is literally gone from the place, but her memory remains under the hill that has emerald hues and textured scrapes that show it's history. The small, powerful tree grew defiantly on that new earth. I decided I was finally finished with the work and hope you enjoy this unique, one of a kind piece.

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