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Quick Egg Derick

Quick Egg Derick
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Here's an easter egg for my Facebook friends.

..Since I know my mom can't read this on my website, I'll tell you a crazy story.

So I was coming home from Downtown last Friday night. It was pretty late. There was hardly any traffic to speak of, save a car behind me.

As I drove and changed lanes, my subconscious kind of noticed that this car also changed lanes not too long after I did.

No big deal.

I went for my exit off of the highway.

So did they.

I made a right. So did they.

So I wasn't too worried or anything, but I like playing these little games if I think someone's after me. I make a left turn on a street that wasn't mine on a yellow, just to see if they would follow me....

They did. On a red...

I was a little concerned at this point, but I wanted to see what would happen, so I made a series of turns in a neighborhood, left, right, left...

I was being followed. At about two in the morning.

So I was still playing it a …

Return of Boy on X

Return of Boy on X
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. ...back to regular blogging.

So I've had just about the best, most varied week in a long time.

My brother got married! His wife Gina is great. Her father is just about the coolest dancer I've ever lived to see. I'm happy for them all.

I'm gearing up for another fantastic episode of Quick Draw Derick. I'm sure it will operate swimmingly.

I've been painting some really great stuff lately. I've returned to an earlier theme from the Boy on X, which immediately sold and I dare say I'm happier with this one. It's two 16x20 canvases, side-by-side. I painted it last Saturday night with Autumn Shade. That was our last show until the Netherlands trip in a few months. Jes is happy with how Tulsa has been and now it's time for some incredible a few months.

So last Saturday I invited one of the musicians that opened for our group. His name is Dustin and he played some wonderful great music. He liv…

The Fam

The Fam
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Here's one for the family! I've got lots of new pictures up. Like, 50 pictures on my flickr page? It's crazy. So here's to my family, you all look like goobers.



Spider MAN

Quick Draw Derick
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Before my little story, here's a nice picture from Quick Draw Derick. I put the show up on the IMDB (internet movie database) so all the good folks who worked on it will finally get some shmancy credit!

And now, a story.

So last weekend I made it to bed. Saturday night.

I fall asleep in the darkness, thinking lightly of art and the world...I am asleep.

Something goes wrong.

In my dead sleep my eyes flash open to see a HUGE TARANTULA on the top of the futon I was sleeping on. My body lurches and every ounce of adrenalin pumps through my sleepy veins.

It’s dark. I don’t have my contacts in. I run for the lights and flip them on, looking frantically for the spider.


I turn every sheet, pillow, mattress looking for that damn spider beast.

Still nothing. Was I hallucinating? A waking dream? Must’ve been.

I go back to sleep, and I sleep hard. I begin to have a dream about flying over trees and forests, streams and sunsets. It is beautifu…

Rivers of joy

Infrared River
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've been having fun this week, what with Easter and all the family fun I had.

Today I recorded a posh live set with Autumn Shade. You see, Jes is trying to get funds to make a set of shows in the Netherlands in June. So we recorded a good set and I'll be making a CD this week for her to sell in some fancy fund-raising party TBA... It sounds great. You should hit me up for a copy.

Oh, and this photo? This was taken at the Illinois River in Talequah with my IR lens. I think it's spectrally marvelous.

In other news, I'm in a Murder Mystery This Friday, and the best news of all... this Saturday I'm celebrating my Brother Howard's fine and incredible marriage to Gina! I'm so happy for them! They are great for each other. And she makes a damn fine plantain. And she's smart! And she makes Howard much cooler than before ;)

I had a board meeting tonight which explains my online-ness so late.

Have a blessed day folks

Closeup, Mr. DeMille

Closeup, Mr. DeMille
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Oh, look, it's me! Oh no, I'm crippled...No fear, Jesus is here! Yaya

Here's a screen capture from the Film, "in His Sight" on TBN.

I just saw it and I'm simply hilarious. Find me and I'll show you sometime!

Oh, check the flickr photo stream for a nice photo from Quick Draw Derick!

It's late so I'm out.


The Private EYE - Newsie Edition

The Private EYE - Newsie Edition
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Howdy folks, Derick here with another rousing blog-thing update. I'm doing alright and I'm still finding ways to keep busy. I'm in a Murder Myster @ Molly's this Wednesday and who knows what else....

So I've been given the task of writing a script for a short video here at TPS, and the theme was 1920s Cotton Club-esque fun. Here's the dish. It's mine so no use without my permission, see?

By Derick Snow

There I was out of the inky blackness inside my mind. My eyes opened and I felt the pounding of a thousand hammers on my head. My eyes blinked long and hard. I woke up, cold and alone, like a piece of TOFU in a BACON factory.

Of course I didn’t know what I was doing or who that dashingly handsome face in the mirror was.

I had been slipped a mickey, or minnie, or maybe Donald; but I was clueless. I needed a clue, not the kind with the candle stick and Professo…