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SOLID film shoot and tree climbing is we

SOLID film shoot
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Yesterday Jes and I had a much-needed funday. We climbed trees, went on a loong adventure walk, made flower jewelery and got dirty. Yay!

Capatin, Fae, Jes, a guy named Conan (seen in the picture) and I went down to the Glass (Gloss) mountains in Western Oklahoma and shot some of Captain Chamber's latest film project, SOLID. We all had a great time and I even made a sculptey head out of the rich-red-earth clay that sprouted up hundreds of feet out of the ground! It was worth getting up at 5a.m...

Jes is currently knee-deep into lots of projects, and she's booked solid with work and music and the play. I'm busy with work and this film stuff on the weekends! Oh and I'm in the Drunkard this weekend. Frank.

Oh and I saw my friend Jeff Howard on TV! He was talking about weather safety of all things. When did you do that Jeff? I laughed...

Other than that I bought some new art supplies. Nine new canvases for a great d…

o! gear shift!

o! gear shift!
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I'm going to move between ideas farily quickly, beware!

I am Derick Snow, and I wear two big hats. Artist, and Actor. I combine them to become Snoweyes, The Adventure Artist. I've been almost too busy in the last months with work and my acting, which is still awesome and fun and incredible Fun fun fun. All the same, I've been on the actor boat for quite a while, yet my left hand - my artist's hand - readies itself to create...

My art is something I hold dear to my heart. I've been drawing with excitement ever since I created my opus, Caveman Duck, when I was in the third grade. It still is showcased on my Grandma's house hallway. I've since moved onto sculpture, photography, watercolor, and now my favorite medium that takes forever to dry, oil.

I can thank my first teachers that got me into finding a 'style' for myself. Without Ms. Angela Morris and Ms. Katie Bartlett I wouldn't be at …

A Redeye

a picture for you
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Stumbling sleep sleep.
We awake somewhere in my car and
Go for a drive to stop from veering to sleep.
Coffee scalds this brain into recognition and
The liquid mind flows uneven
White hot wind.
A splash of water on eyes the color of turnip
Unmatting hair and unstuffing nose
Our trunk is tight and heavy with sleep.
We throw it all off of it.
We hate the initial feeling of despair
And yet the art is burning itself out from within
A phoenix is torn and burned
Looking a bit better now, not so dead we think.
We are Brains coming together for one completitude
Beathe deep.
Now I am alive for the running thoughts of a life
that is mine.
A forest through hewn wood manmade
Textured and muted
Lit by a huge red moon along the edge
The moon's eye is an orange.
I took a bite tonight!

Crossing time and paths

Crossing time and paths
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As I sit here on a nice night outside, I'm coming to look for something new.

Willie Wonka's been held over one last performance, this coming Friday the 10th at 7p.m...which means I'll be a bit late for Jes' gig happening at Gypsy Coffee House set for 9p.m. I'll be rushing in my Wonka costume and throwing a crazy intense painting onto canvas as soon as I can!

Speaking of acting ventures, Jes is going to be the one and only Peter Pan! I was honored witht the part almost four years ago and now Jes shall be wearing tights of green! I'm so proud of her and her audition! She was just great. She has a deifinite Pan spark in her eyes and she showed everyone else that light in her. Her favorite stories have been about Peter Pan for a while now. This part was made for her.

Lately she's been running spotlight and once the children found out about her as Pan they started already asking her for aut…

Living a life in mine

Living a life in mine
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This has been a rather busy, rather fun week!

We've gotten into several performances of Chocolate Factory since Friday. Jes runs spotlight and so that means we've gotten to hang together during the week. She really enjoys the play and I'm glad for that! Cute Jes used to freak out at the thought of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I think it was mostly because of the creepy Oompa-vibes she experienced. I, however, have always loved the story. When I was a kid, we'd fire up our BETA-MAX and My brother and I'd eat lot's of chocolate! Oh what great memories I have of the original movie. I loved the Gene Wilder in that fatherly, slightly sinister role.

All the same, I think Johhny Depp was tremendous in the role when the newer movie came out. I really appreciate his style of acting and I strive to work in the same way as him. He always keeps control over his character and he himself learned alot from Marlon Br…