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New Season 12 31

I hope your new year is safe and happy! As mine comes down to one last little day I get to look back on my year and realize I’ve been a very lucky fella. It started pretty well and I’ve moved to and from Tulsa to Branson, which has been a lively lifestyle change amongst the elderly. I quit my job and have been living as an artist / actor. I’ve grown my lovely relationship with my girly girlfriend Samantha. I’ve been to France this year. I went on a cruise to Mexico. I got a dog, Schmoopy. I’ve gotten a car  that burst into flames, and then got another car that actually works! I avoided swine flu. I got voted Tulsa artist of the year by the Urban Tulsa Weekly. I survived the blizzard of 2009 and a road trip with Jes and Brian. I’ve got good friends and loved ones, I’ve got my art and I’ve gotten to work as an actor in a show I’ve always had a marvelous attachment to. Peter Pan has been very good to me.To end the year I’m celebrating with such friends as Jes, Brian and of course my love…

Duncan Christopher Fun

I was out there on the internet today and found this wonderful clip from the Duncan Christopher movie I filmed back this time last year. It doesn’t have a set premier date, but things seem to be humming along. Check out the youtube video! If you are looking, I’m in there twice; once near the :17 mark and near 1:30. That’s pretty awesome kids. You can find out more and see the bizarre wonder that is Tulsa on the Duncan Christopher website.I hope everyone had a merry Christmas yesterday in frozen land.I’m happy to be going town to Caz’s with a certain Captain Chambers and Fae tomorrow! Cheers!

Snow Angel

Samantha Angel
by snoweyes. I survived the night to bring you this message:

Merry Christmas!

Sam and I nearly slid off the road tonight coming up through the madness of the great snowstorm of 'Aught 09. My windshield decided to work in such a way that about three inches of ice formed in two spots on the wiper blades. That friends, doesn't work very well and it took a few stops at lights to finally clean the grime off the rubber bits to get it working in a much better way. It didn't end so well however. We are staying in Tulsa in a part of town where we have to drive up a lovely steep hill to get to our beds. We attempted to take a longer but safer route until we got to an intersection that was totally filled with stuck cars and we were forced to make a U-turn and go up that blasted hill.


We got stuck and I had to pull the car over to the side of the road to get our car out of the way about four blocks from home. Sam bolted for home as soon as the car started backwards and…

End of one run, run around

Hook and Smee
by snoweyes. I'm back in Tulsa until the Christmas cheer overwhelms me and I totally bust from eating goodies. I just got back from an Ultimate Murder Mystery Christmas party and I've got one each night until the 25th.

I realize I haven't written since the 1st so I'll give you a recap!

Ah, Peter Pan. It ended well and I got a nice slew of visitors the last week of the run. My Dad, Carol, Jim Fields, Bill and Barb and Jerib... Sam got to come a few last times as well and I am happy I had the time of my life. The show just seemed to get better and better with each performance and I never gave less than all I had each night. I enjoyed my time with the cast and had some great parties and getherings with those marvelous folks.

I think the last week was a great time for everyone. We celebrated our little theatre bond and played, painted, played together as much as we could before everyone left and began the never ending performer's search of the next Big Thi…

SnowWood Photography

SnowWood Photography
by snoweyes. I dub thee a photography business! We're putting this ad in a program this next week for people in the Branson area and I think we're both excited about our prospects. Headshots, Portraits, Weddings, SPecial Events, Architecture, Photoretouching and restoration are what we are adept at and if you have an interest either give a call or email us.

On the acting side, Sam's show is in rehearsal for the 15th and 16th showing of An Ozark Radio Christmas. The script is funny and Sam's playing a musical angel. Hot stuff! On my side there is some tour business for Peter Pan I've been told about that could be very exciting but I'll hold off until I see a contract :)

Also this week both Sam and I are auditioning for Silver Dollar City. We've both got to shuffle our audition material together as well as a song. If anything with Pan goes crazy it's nice to have a few plans bubbling and brewing away on the side.

I've got a very spe…