New Season 12 31

Winter Adventures

I hope your new year is safe and happy! As mine comes down to one last little day I get to look back on my year and realize I’ve been a very lucky fella. It started pretty well and I’ve moved to and from Tulsa to Branson, which has been a lively lifestyle change amongst the elderly. I quit my job and have been living as an artist / actor. I’ve grown my lovely relationship with my girly girlfriend Samantha. I’ve been to France this year. I went on a cruise to Mexico. I got a dog, Schmoopy. I’ve gotten a car  that burst into flames, and then got another car that actually works! I avoided swine flu. I got voted Tulsa artist of the year by the Urban Tulsa Weekly. I survived the blizzard of 2009 and a road trip with Jes and Brian. I’ve got good friends and loved ones, I’ve got my art and I’ve gotten to work as an actor in a show I’ve always had a marvelous attachment to. Peter Pan has been very good to me.

To end the year I’m celebrating with such friends as Jes, Brian and of course my lovely girlfriend Samantha in a cabin this Eve in a crazy outfit to match the 70s or 80s or whatever bizarre outfit we can put together for fun and merriment. I’m going to have a blast and I want to end this year with a dance! And a kiss! Haha!

Next year. Yea, you! What are you doing in 2010? I’m starring in a film to be shot this April. I’m continuing on with Peter Pan in July. Sam and I are going to LA in the next week for some California and west-coast adventures. We are auditioning for many things and hoping for the best. We may be going to Dubai with Peter Pan in February. A film I worked on last year may actually get released to rave reviews. I’m painting some good new works to be seen soon. I’m excited.

Most importantly, I’m putting my heart and soul out there.

Let’s all try to do the same, yes?


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