Snow Angel

I survived the night to bring you this message:

Merry Christmas!

Sam and I nearly slid off the road tonight coming up through the madness of the great snowstorm of 'Aught 09. My windshield decided to work in such a way that about three inches of ice formed in two spots on the wiper blades. That friends, doesn't work very well and it took a few stops at lights to finally clean the grime off the rubber bits to get it working in a much better way. It didn't end so well however. We are staying in Tulsa in a part of town where we have to drive up a lovely steep hill to get to our beds. We attempted to take a longer but safer route until we got to an intersection that was totally filled with stuck cars and we were forced to make a U-turn and go up that blasted hill.


We got stuck and I had to pull the car over to the side of the road to get our car out of the way about four blocks from home. Sam bolted for home as soon as the car started backwards and I battled the elements for another twenty minutes. As soon as I moved, another car (a camaro) got stuck right next to me. I decided to move the car further back ten feet and another car got trapped near me, so I pulled the car over still more before I was satisfied Sam's little red car woudn't get bonked by some tool with a large truck.

I wanted to bring some little Christmas gifts I was going to present, but I thought otherwise after slipping and being completely blinded by sleet and snow all up in my face. I got my phone and my little camera just in case I needed to document my death but I live! Woohoo!

I still am filled with holiday joy and I plan on making snow angels, snow men and snow...pies or something. There's plenty to go around!

Happy Xmas and I love you all!


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