SnowWood Photography

I dub thee a photography business! We're putting this ad in a program this next week for people in the Branson area and I think we're both excited about our prospects. Headshots, Portraits, Weddings, SPecial Events, Architecture, Photoretouching and restoration are what we are adept at and if you have an interest either give a call or email us.

On the acting side, Sam's show is in rehearsal for the 15th and 16th showing of An Ozark Radio Christmas. The script is funny and Sam's playing a musical angel. Hot stuff! On my side there is some tour business for Peter Pan I've been told about that could be very exciting but I'll hold off until I see a contract :)

Also this week both Sam and I are auditioning for Silver Dollar City. We've both got to shuffle our audition material together as well as a song. If anything with Pan goes crazy it's nice to have a few plans bubbling and brewing away on the side.

I've got a very special Peter Pan for some children tomorrow. Early tomorrow. As an actor who is still wide awake well after my late shows it should be an interesting experience. I'll document the day and put it all up sometime. I've been documenting the whole time, by the way. I can't help myself! I'll get it all together and we'll watch it with a side of fairy dust :)

I've got audition work to do, so I'm off! Cheers all


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