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The Secrets of Audio Mix-Mastering

"The Secrets of Audio Mix-Mastering: The story of a young boy with too many VST plugins"
- or -
"How to mix a record but not spend ten grand on just one album"

I was thinking of a couple of projects in the realm of audio production I'm going to be working on in the next month or two. Of course, when I think about the future I end up dreaming of the past and the albums I've had a bit of a hand in. I am going to say that six years ago the only audio production I was comfortable with was in the realm of Voice and Foley (sound fx) work for video games. Back in 1999 I created a fun site called Game StudioSound, which started out as an outlet for my own desires for getting work in games and blossomed into a fully formed talent clearinghouse for VO actors, sfx artists and musicians. I ended up making some actual money, but not much! Even though I worked with some nice companies on my own end with some music, at best I created some cool five second loops, so I did not…

About the good stuff

by snoweyes. In case you were wondering, Quick Draw Derick will be picked up again for at least six more episodes, we will begin taping the next rousing show on September 24th!

I've been creating some fairly colourful works if you've been keeping track of my last few paintings. The one you see here is a result of a show I painted at with Matthew Morton, Roger Jaeger and friends at the Gypsy last Saturday night. I am pretty happy with it. What do you think?

I lost my laptop for a few days. Rather, I accidentally abandoned it after I left a nice play called the Pajama Game at the TCC SE Theatre and was heading to Bixby to sell one of my paintings. I left it by the WHEEL OF MY CAR. How retarded is that? I shan't be doing that again. I didn't worry too much though when I left it. Does it help to freak out when something goes missing? I backed up all my data which was far more important to me, and I just felt it would come back to me. Someone picked it up and dropped…

Derick on Accordion


Mr Accordion Man

I recorded a little medley of some of the songs I've been working on. I hope you enjoy. This isn't the last of my silly recordings.

I'm using two mics on the floor to pick up both bellows so there's some pretty nice separation. I'm using my little usual recording setup and it sounds pretty nice. This is pretty obviously just a "I'm making it up as I go along" session, but it's fun to listen to and so I put it up for you friends.

This Saturday night I've got the show with Matt and friends, painting and whatnot. Gypsy Coffee House, round 9:30 or so.

Here's a story...a few days ago I was at Woodward park playing my accordion and walking about, when a guy comes over to me and tells me he'll pay me money to play for him and his girlfriend! So I just tool around for a bit for them and I get eight bucks! That's nice of people and I'm glad I'm really the only accordion player that's out playing, 'cause if there were…

Flower Power

Flower Power
by snoweyes. I'm painting with the fantastic musical dynamos, Matthew Morton, Roger Jaeger, and Sarah Hutchison at the fine Gypsy Coffee House, downtown Tulsa, behind the Spaghetti Warehouse somewhere around 9-10pm. Come on over, you'll love it. I'll splatter paint on you if you like.

Still No cell phenome! OK I'm tired. But Z is now N, if you know what I'm saying. The best part is that no one told me my phone was getting turned off until I tried to use it! Ah well, I think I have some old funky minute-to-minute cell phone.

While I'm here, this is probably the coolest music video I've ever interacted with. RADIOHEAD is too cool.

House of Cards


Quick Note

A colourful Smee
by snoweyes. My Cell phone has been deactivated, fyi. I'm doing a very interesting board meeting...

I saw Phantom of The Opera and it was fab.

Old Man on X

Old Man on X
by snoweyes. I decided to make yesterday a painting day. I started the day a bit late after some writing and recording, finding my way to The Cherry St. Coffee House when I knew some people were there (when people gather for a thing called "Stitch n' Bitch". I began to paint and talk for a small while, and then time blew by. My friends left and I painted and painted and after about six hours I decided my little 24x30 painting was finished!

I'm pretty happy with it. I decided to see how I could render hands in painting. I've never had too many problems drawing hands but in all of my paintings I've never had the chance to work hands into a tree or moon, but I did it in this character and it turned out just fine. I painted the work with acrylic. I painted this over two sessions. I began this on the second day of Mayfest in Tulsa and wrapped it up yesterday. Parts of it I flourished with metallic paint and some fine hidden bits of glow paint.


I'm for sale!

by snoweyes. Hey kids, I'm finally putting off the "selling my art" phase of my life and have put this very painting online for sale! If you are interested, or know anyone interested, please hop on your favorite email or messageing applications and tell them, "Hey bill or sue or nancy, do you remember that crazy artist who has a kid's show? And do you also remember that tree face thing you just loved? Well, I'm telling you, it's online! No, really! You can go...HERE and buy the darn thing! Well doesn't that beat all?"

Yes sir and/or ma'am. So please visit the store and if you have a favorite painting you'd like me to put there, please just tell me and I'll get the painting up.

Oh, I'm back in Tulsa. Did you know that? I hope everybody had a marvelous 4th of July, also called independence day! Yay.

Mr. SnowEyes