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What makes 'good girls' like 'bad boys?'

The Love Doctor is IN:free session!
By Derick Snow.

I was reading some thoughts from a friend and I thought I'd ramble some more here...about relationships! What makes girls like bad boys?

I notice that girls in general like the boys who are oozing confidence, or at least let them know they are liked. No games about that...And that generally means 'bad' boys who can be real jerks in the long run usually are getting in first with the girls, 'good' or 'bad'. Nice guys don't stand up first because they are just that; nice enough to let others go before them. Guess what that means. The jerks get up and get the girl first!

Generally speaking, of course.

Now, I'm a 'nice guy' and it took a while to realize this was happening. I simply started taking initiative before the 'bad boys' were allowed to. Nothing wrong with that but it's not the norm with what girls call 'nice guys.' Bad boys are animals when approaching ladies. They hunt …

Wonka! and other Tales

Originally uploaded by studiosound. A note: I wrote this message for my myspace account yesterday. I have the rest of the tale further down...

I am currently in the last days of rehearsal for the Spotlight Theatre's production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. So I need your help! Come on down and support a silly lad in pursuit of one of the most insane characters I've been asked to perform as..Willy Wonka! The rest of the cast is really quite marvelous and my nice, cute girl Jes is also running the Spotlight!

Performance Dates:
Friday, Feb 24, at 7:30p.m.
Saturday, Feb 25 at 2p.m.
Sunday, Feb 26 at 2p.m.

Next Friday, March 3 at 7:30
Saturday, March 4 at 2p.m.
Sunday, March 5 at 2p.m.

Oh and I'll be on the local Channel 8 news morning show on Thursday morning between 9 and 10 a.m.....

...and now on to today!

This is Thursday. I got up this morning and had plenty of time to get ready for my time on KTUL. I put together my things and started my car. Then I hop…

science and reasoning

science and reasoning
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A light in the distance is dim through the foggy night. Water surrounds the boundaries between here and there.

What is the emotion versus the choice of freedom?

What is the emotion of freedom?

What is freedom?

How does a person think? What do we realize versus percieve? How do our perceptions affect our emotions?

What comes from percieved emotions and how much control do we have over them? Can we create emotions? ;)

Do our thoughts develop how our emotions develop? How are we trained to think how we do?

Are we born with it, do our parents and family tree drop down the apples of thought response or are we shaped through our life? Is there a combination of the two?

An example:

Say a mother is a musician and the child becomes a musician; does the child have traits born made to be a success? Or does the stimulus from the mother as a musician influence after the child is born and raised? If a child of a musician is raised away from the moth…

A full day

A full day
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I am an artist and an artist who is completely wrapped up in my craft. Too much? Up for debate, but I sure am doing what I've been put here on earth for. I'm currently in The Drunkard tonight, yesterday I was privelaged to paint with Autumn Shade, a sublimely massive painting that was so stinking big it wouldn't even fit in my car once I was done with it. How'd I get the canvas in there in the first place? I have no idea! Last night Jes and the band played a great set that really helped my live painting. If you missed it, you really missed something special! Jes started the day with some wicked awful sinus congestion but got to the performance in top form! She played some of my favorites and really sounded nice. Wes Played Drums and invited me out for some kind of a neat 24 hour film-making thingy, we'll see how I can pull that off. My friend Dana was incredibly kind to bring a PA system and everything last nigh…

I have a silly device for reading that works!

I bought a Gameboy SP and a wierd little device called GBA Movie Advance Player I got at a chinese website, for about 25 bucks. This thing is quite a diverse little unit. It’s got a music player, a movie player, an image viewer, a famicom emulator…but that’s not all!The coolest feature by far is the e-book program. You can hook up a compact flash card to the cartridge and you can upload any text file and it’ll save your bookmark so you can read on the go with a device that can fit in any pocket. I think a great thing is it allows you to travel very light. I have about 60 books on it right now, all in a tiny pocket in my bag!You can find text versions of books at and read and read until your brain is saturated with the works of every major author you wish to absorb!I take it with me everywhere. The gameboy has hours of power so I actually once hopped a Greyhound bus from Oklahoma to Los Angeles (a thirty hour trip!) and read so many books. I feel …

Just a reminder

Just a reminder
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Autumn Shade and I will be performing at Saffron Coffe TONIGHT.
1148 S. Harvard
It'll be best to get there 'round 7:45. The show will begin at 8p.m!


Fruits of life

analog tree
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Well I've been really busy these last few weeks. We went to Tenn. AGAIN for some business junk, and I'm in yet another play at Spotlight. Charlie and The Chocolate factory! I'm .... Willie Wonka. I call it a combination of some friends of mine and plain old crazy. It'll play the last week of Feb and the first week of March. Also, Drunkard.

Gotta go kiss Jes. Bye!