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Onward into the night

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I paint and I act and I love and I live for it.

Tuesday I'll be painting a certainly pain-filled image. Considering the pain I feel when I'm not on my meds that's not too difficult for me to imagine right about now. Indeed, Tuesday will be an interesting day.

Wednesday, on the other hand will be the beginning of the end for my pesky jaw. I'm going to get ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth cut from my jaw. Quickly I hope they send my teeth to their respective fairy to pay for the bill!

I'll be completely out of commission for the next few days after that. Jes wants to take care of me, isn't that nice of her? Well, I hope to be well enough by the weekend to go and see some haunted castles near Muskogee. I'll be eating food from a spoon and trying not to drink my (ack) blood.

I'll shiver *that* thought off with what some gool old black great grampa would say if he were me....

*cye crickets and the smell of night, on a du…

...Along the way of life

a dream
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I've found out alot of things about myself lately. One, I love art. Two, I love people. Three, I am feeling strange right now!

Why the strangeness?
Well, On Friday I had a big problem with my wizdom teeth. My bottom-right one decided to expose itself to the world in the form of extreme pain! I had a dentist's appointment friday morning and now, after a day, I'm feelin' fine on the special pills the fancy lady gave to me.

I'm feeling groovy, and I was in the Drunkard like this!!! I just wanted to see if I could write something worthwhile in this crazy mode like other artists' that can only write or paint on some kind of silly drug. It's some kind of ibuprophen and a narcotic. No way I can operate heavy machinery like this! Thank goodness I'm not a fork-lift operator.

Anyway, I'm probably going to get some kind of oral surgery to get rid of my bad teeth this week. Hopefully. I don't like feeling so funky al…

Yee. Haw!!

Yee. Haw!!
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I love making art.

Tuesday I painted a gigantic oil on canvas, and I've got requests for some commission work! That's just great!

I am still looking for that next big fix though. I'm really interested in photography and would like to go even further with the art.

In fact, this friday and saturday, I'm going on an ART EXPEDITION! Just looking for beauty in this sometimes crazy world.

If you want to help me out on my journey, send me a line. I don't know the details just yet, but it might involve being a good kind of crazy and howling at the moon.

May even run around half-naked in the rain, but that's just conjecture, depending on what the energies are hinting to me....I do know I'll be having fun, being alive!

I'd like to hang out with anybody. I need people!


look down
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I'm a-apinting a huge painting tonight, as well as my debut of slam-artist Derick!

So be at Gypsy Coffee House, 3rd and Cincinatti (behind Spaghetti Warehouse)!

It'll be great fun and I'll entertain you! ya!