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I went and took pictures yesterday down by the river. See?! I have more on the flickr thing.

I've been regulary painting at Gypsy for two weeks now, and I'm a havin' fun! I ran into my fun friends Justin and Claire and a new friend Whitney! I'm very happy to have had such fun relaxing and being an artsy fool!

Speaking of foolishness, I'm in Drunkard both Friday and Saturday! I may even goto the fair Sunday, who knows.

Yesterday I also got to meet my other groovy friends, Captain and Brett! I had to go off to rehearsal, so I had to cut their sage conversations short :( but I got to drink tea and peruse Captin's latest script for his film Solid! It's quite a creative film and I'm very proud to be able to work with him!

Heck I even ran into Devon "How To Master Secret Work" Brewster, eternally in his Harley/expat outfit...heh

So yes I met everyone on my world yesterday. Today I was at work, and now I'm g…

Hello, Lily Sunflower

Hello, Lily Sunflower
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I'm glad you called me today! I was very pleased to hear from your golden voice. After the call, I went to see my dad and we talked for a while. I hadn't seen him since I got back. He's well. He and the wife got a dog that was so happy he peed right on me. But it was happy pee!

After that, I figured I'd round out the family by seeing mom, but she wasn't home. So I went to go chill out by going to Borders for a drink and a read. I ended up buying the single for Bright Eye's newest album. The song is Lua and I haven't listened to it yet, because I've got a song going in my head and I don't want to forget it until I try to record it!

But I'll tell you about it when I do listen to the songs...

I'm figuring out myself, something I have to do from from time to time. Just a check to see how I'm doing, like reading a book about myself. I checked out pretty well! I am looking into myself and…

My nostrils smell like Gypsy

Shot ^ about a week ago. Ain't it nice...

Oh yes, I just got back from the Gypsy coffee house and I'm still high from the experience (almost literally from all the smoke). As you know, they asked me to paint as a featurette kind of thing, and I pulled it off pretty well. I attempted to paint two pictures at the same time. I've still got to work on one of the works, but I finished up one quite nicely up there in front of those crazy people. I had fun!

After the painterly works, I talked to my friend Claire and her pre-hubby Eric. We went on about the stories of relationships and videogames... We had a really good chat.

I like seeing art being made by others, so I loaned Eric my nice watercolour set after he talked about wanting to create more art to release his energies. He had such a happy look in his face. Even said, "you don't know how happy this makes me!" I'm glad I could do something nice for somebody!

Later, a friend of theirs, Francis (sp?) came and we…

A day in The Life

Derick here again with news that I'll be painting as a featured artist at the Gypsy Coffee House (directions) (info) this coming Tuesday, September 20th at around 8:30 or so...
Be there or be square! I plan on creating some big paintings! Yes, painting(s). Two. At the same time! Ambidextrioso!

The images above; I took snapshots of me while I was on Riverside here in Tulsa. I was feeling particularly inspired and snapped some of what I write in my journals. Nothing too juicy, but feel free to decode my texts...

Today I went to a huge garage sale in Broken Arrow, packed with deals that I didn't buy since I have enough junk in my world to make a tower to the Moon, but it sure was fun to talk to the people and look at toys for my eyes!

Tonight I was in the Drunkard, and will be taking next weekend off, followed by yet more Drunkard for a special presentation. Tonight I recieved lots of good words about my interesting use and characterization of Frank, the young lad in the play. Basic…

just a happy thought

just a happy thought
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Eyes burn with joy
lungs coughing glee
performance and inspiration
zero condemnation
my determination
pulling me toward the edge
edge of flight
edge of the bright light
where i want to be
that's all of me
gypsy on tuesday
for once just

I ran into so many friends today! I've been trying to kick myself into gear and this day had great potential for me. I ran into a great friend of my youth, Shawna Mott! We were on "Tulsa School Life" together, as well as friends in High School and some fo college. She's actually a teacher at TPS now, and is going to be the new Drama instructor at Nathan Hale! She has a lovely two-month old child and husband. I'm very glad to have seen her doing so well.

Later, after work I went to the Gypsy just for kicks and got so inspired by the poets. I also ran into an old friend, Claire (I was in Wizard of Oz with her!!) and her fiancee. She was trying to get into the MC position at Gypsy…

Yay for art

Moon Love3
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I had a great productivity day in terms of making pretty interesting art today. I threw some more images on my flickr, so check it all out.

I have had a fascination with the moon lately and I've been wondering why that is myself. The inspiration just comes and the mon pictures I have made aren't alike when I create them. The theme is easy to grasp I suppose. They've been popular to fans of my work. I suppose I'm also really into the human face and eyes. The moon shape allows the context to change while allowing myself to try new things. So yea I like moons and stars as well as horseshoes and clovers. Mmm...Lucky Charms.

I would like to thank the energy drink I had with my dinner, as well as Woodward Park on 21st and Peoria for inspiration as I listened to Nick Drake's Pink Moon and other fine songs.

Well goodnight, I've got a long work day tomorrow, about twelve hours worth! Bah!


Running around having fun...

finish the race
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I got a new tipod for my camera! I already had one from the 1950's, but a few photos ago a vital piece broke off and I needed a replacement. I went looking around pawn shops but couldn't find one. So I went to the Salvation Army and picked up a great pan-tilt-levelling tripod for SIX bucks! And now I can take pictures for longer exposures again! Yay!

Well, I've got Drunkard Tomorrow as Willie. But before that, I get to visit my Nephew, Cody for his birthday party extravaganza! Good times indeed.

It's too late to be up. So off to bed!

Just a quick note from Derick

DericknJes are sad
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Hi, all.

This is the last picture I took with Jes. I miss her! She's doing fine farming on organinc farms in Canada, but is you want to send her a message you can send me something (like e-mail, and I'll get it to her.

If you didn't know, her cell phone won't work properly up there as it costs almost $2 per minute, even to check her voice mail! So yea that sucks but you can email her still as she checks often and occasionally uses a phone card to get back to us with her voice.

I don't know how long exactly she'll be gone, at least a month. So keep rooting and praying for her on her big adventure!

...I've uploaded a few pictures from Victoria on the Flickr, and I'll be putting up much more in a little while.

...Also I'm in the Drunkard this weekend, finally as Willie after nearly two months! So reserve @ 587-5030 for the longest running play in the U.S.!

I'll be around Tulsa f…

I'm back! With a new job and whatnot!

Hey all, it's me, Derick!

I got back from Canada just a while ago and I loved every minute of it. I was sad to leave Jes behind, so I have been working on a pretty cool little DVD revolving around our trip. I hope to give it as gifts to those interested.

Upon returning to this crazy gun-toting country, I was offered a job as the Programming Director for the station I work at. I accepted and now I get the opportunity to get my pee checked for drugs. While in Canada I sure smelled a bit of pot in the air everywhere I went (even thought I never inhaled!), so here's hoping nothing turns up! The only thing I did do was drink a pint of fine cider at a pub with me and my mates!

But now I'm a working stiff again. But it's one of the nicest, most creative jobs I could probably have so I consider myself a lucky one!

I'd like to take some more photos and be artsy here in town, so mail me up if you want to go out on an expedition.

I'm hungry so I'm off! I'll write with …