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I'm at work and...

Derick, just getting through the week...
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I got a weird little idea about the Olio. You know what that is? It's the show after the Drunkard that has acts of all kinds like jugglers, comedians, dancers and singers. Well I got an idea. Don't steal it!

Imagine...if Paul McCartney and John Lennon got together one last perform in the Drunkard! I've got some interesting things planned that I'll keep to myself until I get my stuff together. It'sll be a star-studded spectacle!

Yesterday I got to cut out of work for a wee break with Jes and her mum and sis to play mini-putt-putt ad Celebration Station! It was fun and I most certainly lost. I'm glad Jes wasn't a poor sport when she won. NOT! :)

This Saturday I'm playing is The Drunkard, most likely as Willie Hammond. If you're interested in tickets, call 587-5030!

Tonight, I've got more rehearsal for LWR and I'll just wing it for other adventures I can find! I t…

I'm just getting through the week...

Well, I played in the drunkard this weekend and all
went well. I didn't exactly know I was playing, but I
showed up and they let me act as Frank! As you can
see, Jeff Howard (left) and I (right) were lookin'

I'm playing as Willie Hammond this coming saturday and
I'm still getting through rehearsals for Lion, Witch
and The Wardrobe. It's all going well. In fact, I had
a pretty fun night which ended with me selling
Hanson's mom (yes, that Hanson) a CD of Jes' music
( Someday we'll get around to
telling the family how much of a fan Jes is of the
group. I'll just say that I find the rest of the
family to be gracious, talented folks, I'm glad to
know 'em.

I just found out that I'll have to wait until the
beginning of April to find out about the Critic's
Corner show. Carp! At least I'll get to see me in a
commercial on April 1. That was for Bank of Oklahoma,

Anyway, I've got a new camera and I've been shooting

I'm working on my website...

I've been figuring out new colors and themes and such to match the feel of the name, and I am still working on it.

During my work, I've been looking around for good free web services out there, and I thought I would be a nice person and share what I found. These seem to be great!

For web space, I found a place called and I like what I see. No banners, good uptime, and relative ease of use for uploading what I have already created. Cons: limited upload size at 200KB, which isn't terrible if you only use the space for small web images and HTML.

What about easy use of what I'm doing right now, also called blogging? Google has the best solution so far. is the site. go forth and frolic.

So what do I do about the bigger images and audio files I want to share?
well, that's easy, I found, a no-frills , no login, easy download, easy upload service. So simple it's devious. Files can be up to 3MB, big …

Look, I'm Dora The Explorer!

Look, I'm Dora The Explorer!
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As you can see, I have a picture of me as Dora at a Wall-Butt somewhere in america. It was pretty fun, though I bruised my Adam's Apple in the costume.

I was in a commerical for Bank of Oklahoma on Saturday! It'll air on April 1, 2005. I'm not kidding! I was actually hired on for my unique brand of dancing. A black guy actually told me he was inspired by my moves! HAHA Now I feel quite special. Anyway, we shot at a bank here in town, and I got into all sorts of trouble. During one shot, I was supposed to be at a kiosk filling out a bank sheet. I was silly and filled out the name as GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY NOW PLEASE.
I had a good laugh, I showed the director of the shoot and even he thought it was really funny. HOWEVER, I forgot about it and left it on the table. Minutes later, a very worried lady came around asking if anyone left the note.... tee hee. On set was actually quite nice, it had snacks and t…

The story so far...

I've had quite a few events that last happened here in Tulsa.

I hadn't written much at all in the last few months, so I'll attempt get up to date!

I've been in the Drunkard all last month, mostly as Frank, with bits of Willie throughout February. I hadn't performed in nearly a year between my last performances and now. While at the theatre I found that a fair number were going to an improv group on Tuesdays at Heller Theatre, so I went on down and played with the group.

During the week of Valentine's Day Jes and I went down to Arkansas to perform as Dora The Explorer. Let me explain! Linda Layman (my talent agency in Town) had called to see if I was still available to play characters in department stores. Seeing as how I once played SpongeBob Squarepants and am the right height to keep the kids from being frightened, that would be easy. Jes was actually the first to be called to play Dora at one Wal-Butt (name changed to keep them innocent) in Arkansas, and Don th…