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From Derick

I've moved from sunshiny Glendale to a friend's house in...SOUTH CENTRAL LA!!!!
Ahhh! Gangs and drugs! Actually We're right next to USC to it's actually very nice here. We're sleeping in the living room at out friend Olivia's house. She's so nice to let us stay! But I'm planning on cruising next week to a wee trip and then to Tulsa.

My mom brought up a good point about my pictures: They are all over the place! I've put them on a few places over the internet...

Plus I've got a whole mess of them on a CD I've burned, as well as on another computer I don't have access to. So I've got to get those images before I leave. Then I'll post my collection when I'm feeling like it!

As for my hair (Lyle Lovett as my brother called it), I've learned that longer hair is popular around here, kind of a…

Many thanks

I've been going through all of the kind comments on my Yahoo Group and I'm glad I know so many kind people who believe in my little journey!

Thanks goes especially to my Mommy, who was on pins and needles! She was so happy she jumped for joy when she heard!

Thanks to everyone... Cindy, Jeff, Michael, Danny, KR, Roger, Bill, Jamie, Captain, Fae, Dusty, Howard, Dad, Carol... I could go on and on so I'll just say I am happy and I love you guys!

To Jeff- I'm coming, as far as I know, back to Tulsa in about two weeks! Perhaps I could be in a showing of Drunkard when I come back? You've got some pull, right? Wink, Nudge.

Also, today I was on scrubs again, with Heather Graham and I in the same shot! Nifty. I've now worked with two people that have been in Austin Powers! So look for the scene when the main white guy is hallucinating and Heather goes in for a kiss! There I am behind her bein' all creepy!

Ha I'm out of here. G'night.

Derick Snow and his TV show dramatics...

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After long travels and tribulations, I have actually done something worthwhile out here in LA. I got a pilot!After weeks of callbacks, waiting and more nervous waiting, I got a message about that little show I was hoping to be on...
I was out away from a PC and had my brother, Howard read me the good or bad news as to my future in television. This is what the message he read to me (basically) said...

"To all,

I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate you comin in and showing up week after kickin' ass they way you did. Remember that anyone not on this list is on our alternate list to be contacted if anything happens to the availabitlity of the others. For those of you on the list attached, we will be contacting you to meet with you individually. Contact us about any questions or problems, if you're on the list or not.

Thank you and God bless.


By the way we added one slot after a bloody fight over some things.

Tanner Be…

A fun time in LA

I'm working on a show called Grounded For Life today,
as a coffee house patron. I'm currently sleeping on
the floor of a very nice condo in Glendale, just north
of LA. You wouldn't believe how expensive rates for
the teensiest rooms are here. Think closer to $1000 a
month! Ouch!

My current plans are to find out what I'll be doing on
the show if I am actually chosen after all this
casting mess. If I get the show, then I'm coming home
in about two weeks to get some stuff and rest for a
month. If I don't get the show, then I'm coming home
in two weeks and I'll make plans from there!

Have a fun!

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I'm just giving you guys an update...
I should find out about the show in three days!
Yesterday I did a background gig as an effimenate character, which was pretty funny, my big break ;)

Well I'm off to Going Deeper and Thai Food!


This Very Morning!!

This Very Morning!
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Well, I got up this morning and checked my email, and one of my oooold high school friends, Danny Isom, sent me a message. Long time no hear!

I've been pretty busy all week, I was selected to be a 'Drama Club' student for the feel-good show Joan of Arcadia. Very heartwarming and all that crap. I judge all shows I to background on merely on the basis of catering. I found some shows have incredible catering, with orange duck and fanciful breads, so I greatly enjoy those. I also found that some shows actually make you leave set to fend for yourself in hunter-gather mode so we don't starve during that 14 hour day. So while the people on Joan were nice enough, they FAIL!!! Because they made me pay for my own stinkin' food even though I slaved my way through three days of looong hard work. NEXT!

Next week I'm going to be on the show Judging Amy. I hope they'll feed me :) For I am a poor boy just struggling in …

I'm off to Church Small Group!

..but first, I'd like to say, "hi".

I'm hoping to find out about the show in a few days, no word yet.

Yesterday Jes bought a very nice copy of Peter Pan!
Two days ago, while on the set of Joan of Arcadia as a Drama Club Student, I read all of Garden of Eden. Great book, very on edge writing by Hemingway.

I've been recalled through Wednesday to be on Joan, so I know where I'm going to be: near the catering truck getting fat:)

Have a good labor day weekend, I'll be spending it at a nice concert in LA.

Bye, yawll!