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Derick Snow (@snoweyes) posted a photo on Twitter

Harold Ramis, Chicago actor, writer and director, dead at 69

I am learning new ridiculous dance moves this week. Pray for me! Then laugh, because this ridiculous life is fun.

Collaborative Voice

Off to Tulsa for the day! I'm drawing at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame for a swanky event.

Good Samaritan Backfire

Ty and Jude's Tulsa Adventure!

Flappy Jam -

I've memorized a rap for a show I am doing and im terribly wonderful at it. Terribly.

Not only do I get to begin rehearsal for a professional show today, I also get to be on the same stage as my lovely lover, Samantha Woodruff. Life is sweet!

First rehearsal is tomorrow! Finally.



Finally, something Samantha and I can both enjoy!

I saw August: Osage County today, and if that wasn't your hand, foot and blurred neck, I was certainly smiling and saying (loudly and annoyingly), "Hey! That's my pal, Andy Axewell as that dead guy!!!!", as if you were. That was a very good, very depressing film and your cadaver was the happiest moment for me in the film..

Autocorrect is some brilliant stiff.

Goodbye, Flappy Bird

After Looking At These Photos You Will DEFINITELY Want A Capybara

Dreams Escape, 16x20x2 Acrylic Original Painting

"SNL" Cast Member Brooks Wheelan Recorded One Second Each Day Of The Past Year

The 18 Worst Things For Left-Handed People

When I'm old and grey, my grandkids are going to ask me why regular phones had hashtags. #poundkey #facepalm

Hipster tacos: natural beef, tomatoes, avocado, buttered and toasted natural soft tortillas, carrot slivers, cheap grated cheese and a healthy dose of cilantro. Best served with a local IPA or Pabst...or..whatever, bro. I drank sparking seltzer water. Non-ironically.

CVS to stop selling cigarettes by Oct. 1

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham | Answers in Genesis

Award-winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment, Law-Enforcement...

Cold n wet day at a closed amusement park. Its chilly.

That day when I open up a letter and get that residual check: priceless....Actually, it's $17!

Blair Mansion set for demolition