I'm working on my cartoon voice character reel this week! As I ramped up, I needed a better microphone for my very specific needs. Also, I needed it to be cheap. I got the Samson Go Mic today. For the price, they are astounding. Forty bones for a USB condenser mic that sounds pretty amazing for such portability. Also, it just works; no weird driver downloads, no works with PC, Android and iOS...We finally live in the future. I used this on my PC, as well as my Android Tablet (running USB Audio Recorder Pro) with an OTG cable for USB for some really nice VO recordings. Live monitoring with a headphone jack, omni/cartoid/-10 settings, no drivers necessary. It just clips right on the screen, screws into a mic stand, or just sits on the table ready to go. I'd recommend a pop filter and a VERY quiet recording space as the mic is very sensitive. I understand it also works with iPad with a camera USB kit... I'll let you know how the finished project goes.

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