Goodbye, Flappy Bird

Goodbye Flappy Bird.

Original pixel art by Derick Snow
I'm so silly. I drew this piece of dorkiness on my iPod Touch for a game I've never actually played... I just really wanted to make some sweet pixel art. Fun though, isn't it?
Coded in THREE DAYS, Flappy Bird is a super-simple, extremely difficult game that took the internet by storm. Old school challenge, old school losing. It's the most downloaded game (like, millions of downloads) on the App Store and nobody really knows why. The app makes the author 50,000 bucks from ads per day. That said, the story went even further this week when the Vietnamese Developer chose to delete the game from the app store because he felt ASHAMED of his work. Crazy!
Get it for another day before it's gone.

So long, Flappy Bird. Shine on, you crazy diamond. #flappybird #dongatory #zeitgeist

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