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Pan's Bday

Pan's Bday
by snoweyes. Hi friends! I'm in the midst of performing in our play (in intermission) but hey, it's a slow period so I'm writing you :)

The photo you see is a take on an album image of Beyonce called BDay. I had to take a few pictures to get the two crocs right since we only have one suit. It's goofy but fun!

Pan has been an incredible production so far. I'm about six shows in and we've had a great turnout each time.

The first show was filled with all the local celebrities, like Yakov, Tony Orlando and Andy Williams! I got the chance to talk to them all for a bit and they seemed to quite enjoy the performance. The second show was great as well.

The third show our fantastic Hook, played by Robert Westenberg (of had a bout of laryngitis, so our Starkey played by Tom Wolff got the chance to perform three shows (one night was a two-show night), so we all got the chance to be on our toes. He was great but I'm very happy to have Bob back in the drive…


by snoweyes. Tis time for another update from my little side of the Missouri/Okiehoma border!

So far, so good. Rehearsals are still churning along with one last intense week to go. Over the last few days we've moved from setting blocking to running tech for the next few days, which means our side of the show is pretty much set. I say pretty much because every rehearsal something new gets injected into our blocking, be it a hat gag or prop gag or little dance alteration or little injury, which will probably happen until the night of the show. Still, everything is coming together nicely and I'm confident that this show will rock your socks off!

I've also been taking some pictures of the show rehearsals and cast and I think you'll enjoy them. Click on the top picture to see my better flickr pictures, or go over to my facebook (look up my name) page for the whole lot! I'm adding more as the week comes.

In the last week I made the fun discovery of the usefulness of o…
I'm watching a stage play of waiting for godot. I'll tell you if it's good!
Boston, Buffalo. It's a dance move that, when practiced enough times becomes the very same place:) i had dinner that was delish!
Just shuffled off to Boston a thousand times. That's a dance move, folks!
I yam in springfield finding Groovy art and coffee venues:)
Another short note from my phone:) Not only pan, but hook also steps no my chest! I also learned a funny waltz today.

short hello

I just got my first paycheck for the show! I'm having loads of fun and my sword fight is worth the price of admission:-) i had a nice moment yesterday when peter pan showed me how to parry a sword. That's a little surreal, yes? I'm about to go back to rehearse, so until next time!

A new lifething!!

A new lifething!
by snoweyes. Now for something completely different. Sam and I got a dog. She's pweshious. We haven't named her yet but she's very nice and sweet!

So the day is done and I'm working hard the next few days to get up to speed with the entire show I'm playing in (Peter Pan in Branson for those tuning in)

I came on up to the Mansion Theatre today for my first rehearsal. It started pretty well. I got my script (finally) and I filled out loads of W-2 paperwork. I got to meet (but not really chat) with all of the cast before the pirates all shuffled down into the recording studio hidden well below the earth. We learned and recorded four songs, including The Pirate March, Hook's Tango, Hook's Tarantella, and Hook's Waltz. It was a bit intense but I think I did pretty well, what with the grunty piratey vocals I belted out.

That was pretty much the entire rehearsal today. I have been working on the songs and script. Hopefully I'll have it all d…