A new lifething!!

Now for something completely different. Sam and I got a dog. She's pweshious. We haven't named her yet but she's very nice and sweet!

So the day is done and I'm working hard the next few days to get up to speed with the entire show I'm playing in (Peter Pan in Branson for those tuning in)

I came on up to the Mansion Theatre today for my first rehearsal. It started pretty well. I got my script (finally) and I filled out loads of W-2 paperwork. I got to meet (but not really chat) with all of the cast before the pirates all shuffled down into the recording studio hidden well below the earth. We learned and recorded four songs, including The Pirate March, Hook's Tango, Hook's Tarantella, and Hook's Waltz. It was a bit intense but I think I did pretty well, what with the grunty piratey vocals I belted out.

That was pretty much the entire rehearsal today. I have been working on the songs and script. Hopefully I'll have it all down tomorrow for blocking and choreography, my most difficult part. Hey, I'm an actor, not a dancer but I play one on stage!

Also, I learned I'm to do promotional appearances. I'm going SOMEWHERE at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon in costume to promote the show. I'm up for that. Sam is helping me with makeup and I actually tried out my costume yesterday and most everything fits!

One little thing about my costume...I have to wear something called a dancer's belt. I'm not going to ruin it for you but if you want to laugh you'll look up a dancer's belt.

Oh, fine.

Dancer's belt. Sigh.

That out of the way, I'm very excited to be an actor and not a dancer in the play. I love the lines and performance and I'm positively awestruck at the level of technical brilliance in our choreographer. I'm very, very glad I get to be funny and not graded on my technical dance skill. I perform with my face, my voice, my body, my heart and I love that I can get to do what I love right up in center stage.

Last week I wrapped up my art show and I sang some music with Matt Morton. Here's a little video of that!

Fare thee well. I'm tired. Call me if you like!


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