Tis time for another update from my little side of the Missouri/Okiehoma border!

So far, so good. Rehearsals are still churning along with one last intense week to go. Over the last few days we've moved from setting blocking to running tech for the next few days, which means our side of the show is pretty much set. I say pretty much because every rehearsal something new gets injected into our blocking, be it a hat gag or prop gag or little dance alteration or little injury, which will probably happen until the night of the show. Still, everything is coming together nicely and I'm confident that this show will rock your socks off!

I've also been taking some pictures of the show rehearsals and cast and I think you'll enjoy them. Click on the top picture to see my better flickr pictures, or go over to my facebook (look up my name) page for the whole lot! I'm adding more as the week comes.

In the last week I made the fun discovery of the usefulness of our check stub. As a performer I get all kinds of fun discounts or freebies in the area, and some of our freebies also include a guest! So if you are up sometime for a visit I might be able to share the wealth! I don't think I'll post exactly which freebies, but ask and I'll tell you :)

I haven't had many days off (two in as many weeks) but once we get the show going I will be happy to have the free time. I miss exploring and enjoying nature and adventures. On my last day Sam and I went to Springfield to watch a play and to have some fun downtown photo explorations. The old downtown is hot stuff and I think I'll be finding my way to the area often. I love old theatres, coffee houses and the like.

Our new dog Shmoopers is doing fairly well with training. He's a very energetic doggy with very long legs for his little size, which means he's a very good climber. We got one of those doggy gates and he simply scaled the thing! So much for keeping her in one place. Fortunately we also have one of those big puppy travelers so she can sleep in our room without smothering us with tongue.

My next day off is this Monday. Any ideas for fun?


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