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Ozark Caterpillar

Ozark Caterpillar
Originally uploaded by snoweyes Well, I'm back for my last long week in Tulsa. I've moved everything in and we all spent a few days in Branson. Yesterday we blew into Eureka Springs where Jes found her dream cave house, but who knows what will happen!

This friday is my farewell party at the Gypsy Coffee House. My art is still up and there's a special thing called Art Crawl that I'm participating in that evening. I though it would be a great time for me to see any old friends and family. I'll be bringing my camera kit so I can take pictures to remember everyone by, so please come and visit on Friday night from 7:30 ish to late that night. Music, fun and friends are guaranteed, as is more wine and snacks some of you so adore!

Tonight Sam and I have murder mystery rehearsal but are pretty much free throughout the day. Give us a call is you wanna chat.

Art Show with SnowEyes, 4/23

Art Show with SnowEyes, 4/23
by snoweyes. The Art of SnowEyes

Art Show 4/23, 7p to late
Gypsy Coffee House
303 N. Cincinatti
Jes Lenee' of Autumn Shade plays while I paint 7:30-8:30p

I'm putting on an art show guaranteed to rock your socks off this
Thursday, aka April 23, aka tonight ot tomorrow night, depending on
when you read this. I'm very excited to bring 51 works of my art to
you exclusively to the Gypsy Coffee House, 303 N. Cincinatti behind
Spaghetti Warehouse. I've got paintings of all sizes and prices, I've
got wine and snacks, and I'll have a fabulous musician playing while I
paint a live work of art from 7:30 to 8:30 that night.

I'd love to see my friends and fans. I'll even bring some Quick Draw
Derick sketching supplies from my television show if that sounds fun
to you!

Art Show and Friends

Eye of Christ
by snoweyes. Hi everyone! I know I don't update as much as I used to but I've been in the midst of some huge moving stuff and since I don't have internet at my house I do what I can :)

I've got a string of art events at the Gypsy Coffee House (303 N. Cincinnati, behind Spaghetti Warehouse downtown).

The first gala is this Thursday the 23rd at around 8 pm. I'll have little treats and so much art you won't know what do look at first. I've got painted canvases of all sizes for all budgets. I've even got a painted guitar! I've got some examples on my Etsy site, but I'm bringing at least thirty works of mine for sale.

Another big show also at Gypsy is Friday May 1 around 8. It's for a larger downtown art display called the Art Crawl and That will also be huge. If you like, I'm also going to be there the evening of April 30th just hanging out. I may try to bring in musicians that night, so there's something fun every night!


...Off to Find Lost Boys

Off to Find Lost Boys
by snoweyes. I've got bad news for you guys. My Branson show got canceled and I'm screwed!

April Fools! Oh hahahahaha I'm sure you fell for that. Right.

Well, this is my last day here at TPS. I've got alot of packing up to do before the day is out, so I'm including a write-up that I made for the district newsletter. I had a lot of fun.

Longtime Employee Of to Find Lost Boys

from Derick Snow, TPS 20 Photojournalist & Personality

This is my last week walking down the halls of the Education Service Center here at TPS. Do you realize that I, the weird guy who looks like I could still be in high school, have worked here for nearly 15 years? It sounds crazy, but it's true! I started as a student reporter for a show on our television channel when I was nearly 16, which was a paying speaking gig, albeit part-time. The show lasted three years on what was then Cox cable channel 19. My senior year I began an internship with the BCTI program at Webste…