...Off to Find Lost Boys

I've got bad news for you guys. My Branson show got canceled and I'm screwed!

April Fools! Oh hahahahaha I'm sure you fell for that. Right.

Well, this is my last day here at TPS. I've got alot of packing up to do before the day is out, so I'm including a write-up that I made for the district newsletter. I had a lot of fun.

Longtime Employee Of to Find Lost Boys

from Derick Snow, TPS 20 Photojournalist & Personality

This is my last week walking down the halls of the Education Service Center here at TPS. Do you realize that I, the weird guy who looks like I could still be in high school, have worked here for nearly 15 years? It sounds crazy, but it's true! I started as a student reporter for a show on our television channel when I was nearly 16, which was a paying speaking gig, albeit part-time. The show lasted three years on what was then Cox cable channel 19. My senior year I began an internship with the BCTI program at Webster High School and I worked for two years before bounding off for other ventures. Somehow, by fate or luck, I ended up back at TPS as a production assistant for our fine little TV station now on Channel 20.

After a few years of behind-the-scenes work, I got the acting bug. I took a six-month hiatus and acted in sunny Los Angeles. Thanks to DVDs you can probably still find me on such shows as Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, The OC, Joan of Arcadia, Seventh Heaven and my favorite, as a body double for a 13-year-old in Clubhouse starring Dean Cain, Christopher Lloyd and that kid from the Peter Pan movie. I even shot and starred in a pilot for MTV. I schmoozed with celebrities and lived the life in Malibu, but Los Angeles had too much of one thing and not enough of another, so I came back to Tulsa to my job and a little meaning.

I've had a great time at TPS while maintaining my other artistic pursuits in acting and visual art. I've always held the belief that the fine and performing arts are a gateway to interacting with the world in a positive way. My belief in that potential is why I created Quick Draw Derick, the little kids’ show that aired on weekends. Just last week I was out with friends when this burly fellow walked up to me and, after a second or two of a stern face, turned to mush and bellowed how much he and his little son love watching Quick Draw Derick! I was happy he let his kid watch a show that was family-friendly, locally produced and educational. I gave him a free drawing pad.

It's hard to say goodbye to a position I've held for so long, but I’ve been given the opportunity to perform in Branson as Captain Hook's sidekick, Smee, for a long run in a huge venue for thousands every day. If you know me or saw me sing at the Christmas party, that's right up my alley. I live for the creative life. And it’s even better when I get paid a fabulous salary for it! I feel this is the time for me to move on and I challenge everyone to follow your dreams no matter how small. I also invite you to learn about my artistic pursuits as a painter and an actor. I have an art show at the Gypsy Coffee House downtown on May 1. I’d love you to visit. Check out my Branson stage show, Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby. Tickets are available online: The Mansion. Stay in contact with me at Snoweyes.com.

Have a great life and I'll see you in Branson!


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