Ozark Caterpillar

Ozark Caterpillar
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Well, I'm back for my last long week in Tulsa. I've moved everything in and we all spent a few days in Branson. Yesterday we blew into Eureka Springs where Jes found her dream cave house, but who knows what will happen!

This friday is my farewell party at the Gypsy Coffee House. My art is still up and there's a special thing called Art Crawl that I'm participating in that evening. I though it would be a great time for me to see any old friends and family. I'll be bringing my camera kit so I can take pictures to remember everyone by, so please come and visit on Friday night from 7:30 ish to late that night. Music, fun and friends are guaranteed, as is more wine and snacks some of you so adore!

Tonight Sam and I have murder mystery rehearsal but are pretty much free throughout the day. Give us a call is you wanna chat.


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