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Yea Baby. I am like a BEAR

Yea Baby. I'm like a BEAR
by snoweyes. Oh man! What a week! So much fun to be had, so many shows, and so much to look forward to.

Valentine's day was alot of fun. We went to the BOK center and went ice skating among other fun activities (breakfast at Blue Dome, a nice walk, ect) before we both performed in Valentine's day show. I was Austin Powers for the very first time, and Sam was a funky cool singer that crooned the audience at a Winery in West Tulsa, Whispering Vines. It was a massive undertaking since I was the "Detective" who made sure the show went smoothly. And did it ever! Everyone was simply fantastic and I got the chance to do it again a week later.

Last Monday I finished getting sick. I had been sick with one malady or another for weeks and now I feel much, much better. Thank GOOODNESS. I hate when my body breaks down but it was just different, unrelated things right after another. I'm taking my vitamins, I promise!

I also did a voice-over for a c…

A whole mess of photos

by ultimatemurdermystery. Sambo just uploaded a massive amount of Polaroid pictures for the Ultimate Murder Mystery we got a while back. We finally got our scanner up and running so I'm excited to present them to you! There are loads of shots of just about every show over the last few years. If you found yourself in front of that crazy camera, I say check it out. If you want to see me in a vast array of silly outfits, also check it out. If you are a bored kitten accidentally checking this site, awwwwww. Check it out, kitty!

Coffee Break

Coffee Break
by willowforlife. Hey hey everyone. I'm popping by before things get too busy at work.

I love that this picture has a comment that I look like Kevin Bacon, and of course I can play that little game.

I finally bit the bullet and went to the dentist yesterday to take care of my old craggly tooth. I intended to get a crown, but it was a little to bad for that, so I got it pulled. I hope that this is the only, first and last tooth to ever be pulled. I didn't have any other cavities and my teeth are a-ok. My old tooth got damaged years ago when my wisdom teeth started coming in and shoved a tooth in such a way that it crunched and compacted my favorite back-left tooth. It affected a lot of little things in my life and I'm ecstatic to rid myself that little misery.

This week I'm working on getting together the last bits of a show I'm putting on for the Valentine's Day Show for the Ultimate Murder Mystery. I'm going to be playing Austin Powers, Baby! Y…