Yea Baby. I am like a BEAR

Oh man! What a week! So much fun to be had, so many shows, and so much to look forward to.

Valentine's day was alot of fun. We went to the BOK center and went ice skating among other fun activities (breakfast at Blue Dome, a nice walk, ect) before we both performed in Valentine's day show. I was Austin Powers for the very first time, and Sam was a funky cool singer that crooned the audience at a Winery in West Tulsa, Whispering Vines. It was a massive undertaking since I was the "Detective" who made sure the show went smoothly. And did it ever! Everyone was simply fantastic and I got the chance to do it again a week later.

Last Monday I finished getting sick. I had been sick with one malady or another for weeks and now I feel much, much better. Thank GOOODNESS. I hate when my body breaks down but it was just different, unrelated things right after another. I'm taking my vitamins, I promise!

I also did a voice-over for a cartoon for the OERB that I learned I will be a regular role! That's a pretty sweet deal and I totally don't mind coming down to OKC once a month for a load of cash for ten minute's work. By Monday I was up to eating bananas so I had a good amount of energy to create my silly kid character. I love the part!

Last weekend I performed another show as Austin Powers at Molly's Landing and, as you can see, things got pretty furry and fun. I love the fact that this show was the first that the creator of the Ultimate Murder Mystery played something other than the Detective. He ended up getting Axed a question he couldn't answer, if you catch my drift.

I had a fun celebration of Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras at my house with a bonfire friends and that always fun-with-the-baby-inside king cake to be enjoyed! The weather was perfect and continues to be really nice so I find myself outside all the time and I'm happy with that.

Wednesday I lined up another voice over for a commercial for a hair salon down at kotv and ran into Michael who I think will be coming down to Jes' birthday celebration on the 7th. It was fun to run into him!

Today I plan on going to Philbrook and looking at what was described to me as a wonderful photography historical perspective from George Eastman. That sounds INCREDIBLE and I get a free photobooth picture from it I'll post up when get done.

I've also got rehearsal tonight for an 80's murder mystery. This upcoming show will take place in a converted theatre that is now a church downtown. That sounds so interesting I can't wait to see this space.

April is but a month away and I am attempting to prepare for a big, fat move to Branson. It's crazy! I feel very good about the whole thing.

Also, I had a blueberry smoothie today. YES.

I hope all is well for everyone. What's up in your life?


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