Coffee Break

Hey hey everyone. I'm popping by before things get too busy at work.

I love that this picture has a comment that I look like Kevin Bacon, and of course I can play that little game.

I finally bit the bullet and went to the dentist yesterday to take care of my old craggly tooth. I intended to get a crown, but it was a little to bad for that, so I got it pulled. I hope that this is the only, first and last tooth to ever be pulled. I didn't have any other cavities and my teeth are a-ok. My old tooth got damaged years ago when my wisdom teeth started coming in and shoved a tooth in such a way that it crunched and compacted my favorite back-left tooth. It affected a lot of little things in my life and I'm ecstatic to rid myself that little misery.

This week I'm working on getting together the last bits of a show I'm putting on for the Valentine's Day Show for the Ultimate Murder Mystery. I'm going to be playing Austin Powers, Baby! Yea! The show's creator and I worked on the final script last night. If you are interested, click on the Link, baby.

By far the best thing about my "surgery" was the vicoten prescription I received. I was a bumbling idiot with a heart of gold and you can imagine how my script writing went. Far out!

What else. Oh! Samantha and I are going to Branson on Sunday. Monday morning is an audition for the Dolly Parton DIXIE STAMPEDE. I hope it goes well for her!

See you all later.


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