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Congratulations, Jerkface

Now, I'm not one to toot my own horn. Yea right. The Qdoba commercial I was in apparently won an award at the ADDYS, a prestigious commercial awards show or something or other. Best of show? I was told that, but I'll get some more info later.Isn't that special? Here's the commercial.

Youtube Link: QdobaSo there. If you ever want a weird little man to rip one in an elevator, feel free to ask. I can help you win an AWARD!Fun fact: The business lady in the commercial is also...Country Girl SAM in Quick Draw Derick! I promote from within :) In other acting news, apparently the production company finished that Jesus film I played a cripple in. I'm going to get a copy real soon so you can see what I was talking about. I'm expecting really great stuff. That'll probably win an award too, since I was in it. Oh I'll go ahead and guarantee that.I will win awards for everyone. GUARANTEED!ok I'm done :)I'm going to a play tonight, then Drunkard this Saturday …

Hey Hey Huckabee...

Originally uploaded by oh_the_weasel. Just thought I'd say this is the best photo ever taken of Presidential Hopeful, Mike Huckabee.
Taken by none other than Tulsa BTW student Jenny Eagleton!

I'm not endorsing this fellow, by the way. I just love the photo.

Quick Draw Derick shoots tomorrow! Poerty @ Gypsy tonight!


I am doing fine, ahem

Oh my
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I've been adventuring and trying to keep up my art and being the best little Derick I can be.

Quick Draw is up in Two weeks, tonight I'm shooting the fiddlers for some fun music bumpers and such...
I painted a pretty little painting the other night., I'll be putting it up on the site soon!

Either tomorrow or Friday I'm visiting Kansas to take a certain someone back to warmer climates here in Tulsa. FYI I'll be living by my lonesome for the immediate future.. The lovely girl and I are still great friends in spite of our recent times. She has been a wonderful house mate but I'm on my own for a while, taking the great experiment of self and learning and growing without feeling crazy. It's been strange in my new situation but I'm actually getting along pretty well. I'm praying and meditating and adventuring and visiting with friends, which helps tremendously. I'm still just as busy (in a good way) as I ever was, an…

My award-winning novel

My award-winning novel
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I know, it's ridiculous but I had a fun night last night in the Murder Mystery I was in. I was...the KILLER! Dun-dun, dunnnn!

Like the book cover? It was for the show
I'm a bit out of my mind this week but I'll get back to the regular good things I should be doing next week.

Jes is in Kansas and will be back in Tulsa in a few weeks, fyi. So it's just me at the house, making sure I don't overfeed the fish.

Some poetry, by Snow

Derick, just getting through the week...
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I wrote this poetry and submitted it to a contest I found out about when I visited the Tulsa Library a week or so ago. I don't think I'll find out if I've won until April, so let's just enjoy some poetry while we all can. I've put Tonight up before, but please enjoy Whatever Tree and For the Ghost Children. I actually illustrated Whatever Tree, I'll try to get that version up sometime soon :)

I've got my Mardigras beads on today. Oh, and I'm about to go vote on this Fat Tuesday. Remember, just because a person speaks well doesn't mean he or she isn't trying to fool you. Choose wisely!
love, snow

And now, poetry:


He walked to the edge of the wood
His feet hastened but steady
In gleaming shadow of mood
There lit beyond lengthy vine grew
The heart of the earth
From him to you.

Paint dripped fingers
Dark blue cream
Reach'd extended away,
Fully grasped sequential delivered
Yet …