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Lunar Eclipse

I awoke at 4 this morning to capture the beautiful lunar eclipse above. I took many pictures in the middle of the street, with just a few unknowing drivers passing me with a confused look.

I had one tow truck guy pass me by, saying "Lunar Eclipse!"


-The Love Post-

Love is Art!
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. "What a grand thing, to be loved!
What a grander thing still, to love!"

- Victor Hugo -

So I've been thinking alot about what and how love is good or bad or healthy for people. I'm pondering about how love affects a person who doesn't want love, or wants love but cannot have it, or something in-between...Why do we love? Are we as humans addicted to love? Why only with one person? Can't we just love everyone the same way? Can we have multiple relationships at the same time? How complicated does it all get? Who is right for us? Is love the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? Or what? Priorities mean what to whom? Eh? Where's my Viagra? Where's my back pills?

I think girls make me happy in a very fun way. Ever since I was little I liked girls. Why? I didn't know, but that magic suits me wonderfully still -- Until girls make-a my brain-a go crazy.

I didn't know why when I was ten, the day I f…

You must get this, part two

Originally uploaded by snoweyes. On my birthday, at the Stonehill winery where I got some choice concord wine, I went on a tour of the place and got a little silly during the tasting of 15 or so fine flavors of aged grape...

Near the end of the tour, a fellow in line with me turns around and says, "You must get this all the time, but you look just like Kevin Bacon."

Ha! It's always someone else, and they say I must get this all the time. I must say, it's been at least a year since I got Kevin Bacon. At least I can play the game really easily (six degrees...) very easily. I can do it in three.

I was in a television show as a body double, Clubhouse with Christopher Lloyd (2004).Christopher Lloyd (I) was in Real Blonde, The (1997) with Brian Frank (I)
Brian Frank (I) was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon.

Another try: in Three
I was in Desperate Housewives, third episode, in a scene with Eva Longoria (2004). Eva Longoria was in Sentinel, The (2006) …


Jes made the best surprise party ever. I was completely surprised dear friends.

Guess what I got for my birthday. Nope. Not even close.

You know you're an eclectic person when everybody pitches in for an ACCORDION for your main birthday present :)

You wanna be an ACCORDION HERO (click me) like me?

Get a taste of my joy here. Accordion ON!

Downtown is the place to be

A long way down
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. So Michael, Jes and Derick all went downtown to take some pictures. I had just an incredible time sneaking up to the top of Tulsa's Atlas building. We all took hundreds of pictures, and I put quite a few (60?) of the choice shots on the Flickr site.

For my birthday I'll be tasting wine and dancing with hillbillies over yonder in Branson! When I get back I've made it my goal to eat at the new Cheesecake factory until I'm stuffed. Cheesecake: my favorite cake!

What's up lately: My car was having some problems, but I think it's all ironed out. I'm off to get an oil change for the trip. Anyone want to go with me to Branson? I've got two coupons for $15 passes to Silver Dollar City...I'll be camping...or maybe a really cheap hotel iff'n it's too hot :)

Have a great day!

Clue Redux

Skull and roses color
Originally uploaded by Joe_13. The clue has vanished now replac'd
By this skull with a rosy face.
In moments not lost
With gifts in a new place

Relax, taste cool blueberries and more
and then follow your notes from there

click on the comment for the answer...

Now, I’m not full of myself...

Derick and the gang in Colorado
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. but some older lady says to me today, "You know, you look just like Johnny Depp. Of course you must get that all the time..."

I think this hat of mine (1950s fedora from Silver Screen Vintage) has super powers.

Oh and why is it I always get the older ladies frothing after me? Not that I mind; any love is good love... ;)

I think it's because I look more like my grandpa, Carl, who was quite the lady-killer back in the 50's. I'm the hunk of a by-gone era, before all of the milk hormones and steroid body-builder-types. I get told I look like alot of different people all the time. Not always Johnny Depp though. He's dreamy!

Who else to I resemble? Look through different pictures and if you know me feel free to chime in. Michael J. Fox? Dave Foley? Ernest Borgnine? Eddie Murphy? Hillary Swank?

The other image you see today is a fine pic I swiped from Ty Wolfe's facebook feed. Yes, I also have a facebook…

Requests for art

The beginnings of the Cosmos painting moon
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. I, Snow am quite interested in two artistic ideas this week and am looking for art friendlies.

ONE: I wish to be either the subject and/or photographer of some fine art-type pictures. I am looking for people kind enough to either take some crazy pictures of me in artistic poses, or allow me to take some artsy photos of them. I am looking for human form in traditional and rather abstract terms.

TWO: I rather enjoy painting with bands and performing artists (poets, singers, jazz, etc.) in the area. I painted at Mayfest and Dfest with bands and thirst for more. I paint rather huge oils on canvas live to the music. If you are a performing artist I'd love to work with those I find similar imagery in.

please message me for more info :)

Color Mountain

Color Mountain
Originally uploaded by snoweyes. Just a message with some new pictures from Colorado! Click the pic for more :)

A very cool Article on Dfest...

...from the article....
Autumn Shade @ D-Fest 07

"...From there to Capella to see Autumn Shade. At this point it was midnight, and I was starting to wind down. Hope I’ll have it in me to stay for the 1:00 am showing of RadioRadio, I thought. Autumn Shade is one of the few female bands showcased at DFEST. Lead singer Jes Lenee`, is a Tulsa treasure. In addition to playing keyboards and guitar, she also writes her music, and an editorial raved, “The fact that Lenee' calls Tulsa, Oklahoma home only adds to the mystery, for her music is much more aligned with the astral plane than anything resembling the Okie Plains.” Nice, Jes. Real nice.

Unfortunately, Capella wasn’t the proper forum for Autumn Shade to showcase their brand of alternative folk music. When I arrived, there was a sign on the door that said the A.M. show was canceled due to noise. I thought that was weird. When I went in, I found the bouncer at the bottom of the staircase who confirmed for me th…

Qdoba living in Colorado

Yes! A toot is my wind.

Check out this video: Qdoba Spec Commercial

I found this today. It's me! I've got some more great commercials in my possesion, sometime I'll trhow them on this myspace thing...
I had alot of fun with the Cubic guys who made this spot. Not only that, I got paid for another acting gig today!

I also got back from an adventure. Ty, Jes, Leah, Laurie and Derick all sailed in a fantastic mechanical horse to the high lands near Estes Park in Colorado and it was good. I took so many hundreds of pictures I cannot believe how satisfied I am with the trip, even though we returned at four this morning and I didn't get to sleep until five. Work was at 8 so I'm a bit wobbly today :)