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Hey, its Scientology

I have an issue I'm thinking about today. Groups taking advantage of optimism and using it against us.

I almost got into Quixtar (Amway). If you don't know Quixtar, I'd be pretty surprised by know as I have seen so many people trying to convince others to "get in while the getting's good". There's just something we love about being in some powerful mass of believers. Why? I didn't know at the time, but now I realize that it was really easy to take advantage of people who want to succeed, people who like positive feedback. People to want to believe in something that their friends believe in. We believed so much that we started saying things we were ''taught," we didn't bother to check out the information with a rational mind becase we didn't want to taint that feeling of doing something great. I almost got sucked into it myself a few months ago and it's a nerve close to my heart. But I'll talk about that in greater detail an…

Paintings in the Cue

Paintings in the Cue
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Hello and hi all.

I've been painting up a storm.
I've made three new paintings in the last two weeks. Here they are in the drying room (my garage)!

They are oil paintings, so it'll be about three months until I can seal them and sell those puppies.
I made the one on the left yesterday for a friend's birthday with Jes and her music. It looks great in person!
The one on the right, I painted it during a GCOC (green Country Outdoor Club) meeting.
The center painting I painted last week. I was going for subtlety and I like the asian feel.

Once they dry up I'll get proper pictures of them and I'll put the mon the site!

Last weekend Jes and I went to Silver Dollar City. While there, we met out friends, the bluegrass band we love and was invited to a big hoot-hollerin' party at their farm. That'll be fun!

I am a little out of order with things today but oh well!

Back to work for a while...

Paintings for Sale!!

Hello all, I've finally upladed a mess of my paintings for your perusal. I've got prints and originals available.

Have a look and if you're interested in a painting, just shoot me back an email.

The Moral Of The Story

The Moral of The Story...
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So I just got through a major part of a long day. As you may know, I am readying myself for a trip abroad. In order to leave our fine country, I have to get a passport. In order to get a passport, I need my driver's license, my birth certificate, a filled out form and 97 dollars. That said, let's start from the beginning...

I took a half-day from work to go to get my papers. I went looking for them the other day and had trouble finding it, but then discovered it folded up in a drawer set aside for my stuff.

Alas, there was a problem on that day, so. I first went home, because earlier in the week I accidentally brought my car title instead of my birth certificate. It looked very similar to me at the time! Turns out, my certificate was SOMEWHERE in the computer room. Just not in any drawer. It did lie amongst reciepts …