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Arrg so many adventures! *a good thing*

Arrg so many adventures! *a good thing*
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(photo by Jes,

Derick here, after a bit of time off from the internet.

I've been to Branson, Woolaroc, Bartlesville, The Drunkard and I am lovin life!

Tonight Jes and I got to act in a student film! We were going on an awkward first date. We didn't ever get the chance to go on an awkward date so it was quite fun to give each other long uncomfortable pauses :I

I liked being in the kind of life that brings people to ask us to be in neat acting projects. It brings out the best in me. I was actually feeling really tired before the shooting started, but once we did I felt much more loose and active!

A few days ago Jes and I went out to a bit of land where you see me sitting on the couch. She took some wonderful images!

A few more days ago we went down to Branson to look at land that she wants to buy. It's so nice to play around woods and trees. After that we enjoyed the wonderful light…

A long story

MoonPix (Lunar De Brie)
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Well, I've been throught quite a bit this week.

My Nissan Maxima decided to stop pumping fuel correctly a week ago. So I had to borrow my Mom's car that has been just waiting for my dear mommy to get her license. I figured it would be good for the car to stay running from time to time, and so I did. Her car had been wobbling for a few months now, and my Brother Howard thought it was something with either the brakes or a wheel. Something or other!

I got to find out exactly what the problem was three days ago. I was leaving Jes' house sometime around 11:30 that night. I needed some cereal for the morning, so I went by Wal-Butt. By the time I got on the highway back home, it was close to midnight.

I was cruising between 60-66mph, just listening to some AM Coast-to-Coast, when my little blue car's wobble got a bit worse, and then it stopped wobbling, mostly because at this point I was sliding.

I played lots of Gran…

A prayer

...from my car outside the church parking lot after a long, heart-bruising day:

Keep my heart healthy
Make the fire inside me burn white
Bring inspiration to my head
Quell the desires of the damned
Give motive to my life
Help me be me
Let me bring you all you desire of me
Allow me to realize the those things you show me are beautiful.
Open my eyes
Protect my spirit
Talk to me, whisper in my ear the knowledge of life-
the wisdom you'd let me have and give to others!


Many, many bits of info...

(if you already got this, sorry 'bout that!)
Hello, dear ones. I'm back on the internet with a slew of tales for you.

First off, before anything else, Jes is playing a nice, fat gig at the Hive TONIGHT! That's Autumn Shade ( for you not in the know. The band tonight will consist of a piano, cello (!), guitar and a massive cannon-of-a-drum. It'll be awesome!

10:30p.m. is the time!
216 N Elgin is the address...
Here's a map ( Go there and support an artist.

Oh and yes, I'll be painting a massive bit of art during her performance as well. So yay!
This will, of course happen right after my good Captain's Blue November Micro Film Fest (, happening at the OSU Tulsa auditorium. (7p.m., 700 N. Greenwood, easy access off of I-244). I'll be going to see that, then I'll be painting with Jes' fine music! A note: Be sure to grab free tickets to the concert from the film fest. Otherwise there'll be a $5 cover!

As you…