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Mayfest pictures and much more

New pictures from the last week in May
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Well, I got back from Mayfest on the weekend with a load of nice pictures. I'm happy with what I've captured. I put not only these from Mayfest, but dozens and dozens of photos going all the way back to when we left for California last year. I've got it nearly all up, so take a lunch break to see what I've been up to in the last year. More to come, of course.

I'm also playing as Frank this weekend. It wasn't planned, but I'm in it now!

Oh and thanks for all of the support you and others have given to Autumn Shade's music. I co-produced and mixed the songs that are available on The Autumn Shade page. I recommend downloading the song, "Window". It's by far my favorite of what's there, but since it's at the bottom of the list it's got the least downloads. Your ears deserve the best! I'm also glad to say posted a generous review …

Jes Lenee on Guitar

Jes Lenee on Guitar
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...Yes, another picture of Jes. She's just so cute!
The Drunkard last night went along very, very well! I loved the Audience. What a difference from the night before! I'm happy, but I left my backpack, which has my camera in it. I was going to take some pictures of some of my other paintings, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Did I tell you about Star Wars? Well folks, I saw it and quite enjoyed it. Darker,and Jarjar had a total of one line!

Nothing but rest and relaxation for me tomorrow. I'm stinking tired!

On my way to the Drunkard...

Jes in Redbud Valley
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I'm about to leave to perform in the Drunkard this evening, where I hope to see my mommy! Yes, she'll be there.

But the thing I wanted to say was that finally approved the Autumn Shade page and you should check out her music.

Go here!

Give your review on the above page and I'll give you a high five.

I apparently didn't properly space out the paragraphs on the artist's bio section, but it will be fixed before too long. Thanks for visiting Jes, and she'll be back before the end of the weekend to be surprised by the fanciness of it all.

Gotta go!

From This Month

From this month
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I've been taking lots and lots of photos, and painting a bit more.

This photo was taken in the middle of the night. I found TWO TICKS on me, so after that fun it was about two in the morning. By that point I was hardly sleepy so I felt compelled to take out my camera and take some experimental photography.

This photo was achieved with a half-second shutter speed, and a powerful-yet-tiny LCD flashlight, with me strobing the bulb by hand during the shot. The effect made the light swath much larger than what the light could produce. Later I gave the image a sepia tone which helped to create a unified feeling that creates a very old, noir-esque mood.

I also decided to upload some more pictures from the last month onto the flickr site:

I've got lots of new images to peruse, please do.

I've also been working on a music page for Jes' Thanks to we can pres…

My moon in the ocean

My moon in the ocean
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I'm trying something a little different with the next few paintings I'll be making, focusing more on the powerful effects of water. Oil is such a beast to deal with. So stressful to try and manage, but it's still fun. I love the practice. This is actually the first painting in quite a few months, so I'm happy to have cranked something out.

I've got other paintings in my room for sale, I'll try and remember to show some online.

This painting won't be done for about 4 months, so unless you want a wet painting, I'd suggest some of my earlier works if you're interested...

I had a dream Jes and I were working on a Chronicles of Narnia movie. Good thing there's actually one about to be released, because my version was pretty low-budget in my dream!

Well, I'm high, thanks to my turpentine paint thinnerds;klsd, so It's late so I'm off to dreamland xkjzlszf

-Derick Snow

Upcoming events.

Here's my brother
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I was just looking through my pictures for a blog update and I found a fun picture of my brother. Isn't he swell looking, ladies?

Well, the play is over, but the director is attempting to have one last hoorah next week. If you are interested in watching in a pretty great version of Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe, please call 587-5030 and let them know you want it bad!

It's official, everyone in Tulsa has seen me in the BOK commercial. THey can't help it, it's everywhere! I am now known as the orange skittle on the right. I'm doing my best to get a clip of it for those who still can't find me. I'm on the right, dancin like an idgit!

I finally got a portable MP3 player, an ILO 256 from Walbutt (Walmart, Duh!). I have been doing ym homework, trying to find a good unit, and this little baby packs a lot for 68 bucks! 16-20 hours on a single AAA battery. 256 megs. SD memory upgradeable. Arm strap. FM radio wi…

Jes on The Beach

I have taken a million pictures, like I said. This was taken on the Illinois River in Talequah, Oklahoma, not long after our harrowing adventure on a raft that suddenly ended it's usefulness by releasing all of it's air. We had a great time!