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Going off the grid for a few days for a lovely trip to the Texas and beyond!

Not only am I about to go on a fantastic cruise, as soon as I get back I get to act as a hipster in some ads for a fancy-pants iPhone app. Then I'll be a lawyer in a thrilling play about murder! What a country!

I there's one thing I can count on during an audition it's that I never stop having to go pee! Freaking excitable bladder.

I took this last night. I was surprised to see a lunar rainbow in the sky last night and quickly took out my camera to at least capture the lovely aura of cloud cover. I captured this with my Pentax K-R with a 200mm Lens @5.4, iso 160 at about 1/20. Also, very, very carefully handheld. I love the anti shake!

I have so much good news to week!

Messin with Texas, but not on or in.

Ahhh!!! Dallas trip tomorrow.

I've experienced India fest with friends, danced at Scot fest, then went back to the 1800s to perform in the Drunkard. What a lovely day.

Oh hey! Sam and I are performing in the Drunkard TONIGHT at 7:30! Spotlight Theatre, near 11th and Riverside :)

Not many can say they are going to be Austin Powers in a room full of Republican law makers tonight. That's my silly life.

Blue Whale of Catoosa kitsch madness! Square format / available! #bluewhale

Hi friends who live in or around Dallas! I'm looking for a Duplex in the near future that's on that perfect edge of older property but in a nice enough area. Maybe near a college. Any ideas to cruise around or avoid? I'm looking for eclectic but not trashy.

Face Off!