The wheels of change doth approach.

My 4 amazing pieces of news:

1. I'm going on a cruise with Samantha Woodruff! We booked it on for an AMAZING deal just in time for her birthday. Not only that, but the cruise called this morning and gave us a free BALCONY room upgrade. For free! The lesson is: Don't plan ahead! Haha! We cruise in a week! We'll leave from Galveston and travel the Western Caribbean for plenty of days to get a hearty tan.

2. We are absolutely moving to the Dallas area in November. We found a wonderful place and Sam's sister Carrie Woodruff is also staying in the same slice of heaven we are in Euless, TX. Lots more work for Theatre, TV and film; as well as galleries and venues for my art. It's just another step into the life. We took a few days this week to find just the right place and both Samantha and I are pleased with the location, amenities and price. Carrie is directly across the hall, much as in a fabulous sitcom on the WB.

3. I managed to snag the role of Porter in Deathtrap - Tulsa Project Theatre's first non-musical play. It opens October 25th at the PAC! I'm in memorization mode and ready for the challenge. This is an Equity show, which is a huge bonus before leaving Tulsa. Deathtrap is a comedy thriller that opened on Broadway in the early 80's and was a big success and was the longest-running comedy for many years.

4. The film "So This is Christmas," Is getting a Redbox release on October 1st. This well-done film with Eric Roberts, Vivica A. Fox, and of course myself is finally getting released! You can already pre-order your physical copy online at amazon:


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