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Good Times

Hello Friendlies! It’s been a little bit since my last post, but I’ve certainly been a little bit busy with the usual projects. Here’s a smattering! Since January I wrapped both films, did a little bit of ADR work for So This is Christmas and performed in shows for the Ultimate Murder Mystery and Harweldon’s Quillow and The The Giant.On Valentine’s day Sam and I got all dressed up and went dancing, winning the best dresses contest and tickets to many more swinging Jazz Depot shows this year. I may not be a dancer, but I’ll certainty enjoy swirling around the floor in fancy outfits. The pic on the left is how I dressed up, pink dress shirt and fedora in supply!The weather has warmed up enough for all kinds of little outside adventures for running and taking photos. I’ve gotten to play on the road, at my favorite park (Sequoyah), and trails over at Turkey Mountain. It’s been grand. All I need now is a place to swim…I’ve had a few fun painting shows with Autumn Shade, as well as painting…