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Moving fast

The month is blurring by and Urinetown is half over. This is our last week and things have been going well!

Our show was featured in the Urban Tulsa magazine this week. Here's a little write up:

We had some fun on KMOD last week with Phil and Brent talking up the show. Somehow we got to talking before the show about my 22nd birthday, the one where my family took me to Hooters; thanks Erica! During the show my caffeine kicked in nicely and it was a great segment that ran for fifteen minutes over the air with jokes and merriment. Brent finished off the interview by saying the show was just as family friendly as Hooters! I had a great time and I kind of yearn to be on the radio so if anyone has some strings to pull I'd like to get them pulled. Get me?

Samantha an I are going on an audition this Monday for the Lyric theatre. They are casting for some paid theatre gigs and I'm pretty excited about it. To be successful p…

Murder mystery magic

So I'm here all the way out on old 51 at a place called Stone Bluffs Cellars Winery in fabulous Coweta. I love road trips for little gigs.

This week I am getting some art ready for September 30 at the Living Arts space right next to the Gypsy coffee house. The event is the Indy Emporium 2011 and I'm very excited to be a part of it. Who's coming?

Now, I've got to get ready for the show, and tomorrow the gang from Urinetown and I are moving in to the PAC for next week's big show!

Back in business!

I'm posting this from an iPod today to bring you little updates from life and it's been a good month or two! My ...32nd birthday came and went and I'm in the middle of a big stage production of Urinetown here in Tulsa. Its a musical and I get to strut on stage as the lead, Bobby Strong. It's been a bit of a hard task but I think everyone will enjoy this funny musical at the PAC!
In other news I've got an art how at the end of the Minh at the Living Arts space downtown on the 30th, and two murder mysteries in the next two days; one at Molly's Landing and one at a shmancy winery an hour away.
I've been auditioning for various roles as drug users and dealers this month in films. Working on the North side lately has given me plenty of inspiration for the roles. I'll find put about those in the next few weeks. On other tv and film news, I found out I'm getting a check for some show I did a little while ago. Now that's working smarter and not hard…