Moving fast

The month is blurring by and Urinetown is half over. This is our last week and things have been going well!

Our show was featured in the Urban Tulsa magazine this week. Here's a little write up:

We had some fun on KMOD last week with Phil and Brent talking up the show. Somehow we got to talking before the show about my 22nd birthday, the one where my family took me to Hooters; thanks Erica! During the show my caffeine kicked in nicely and it was a great segment that ran for fifteen minutes over the air with jokes and merriment. Brent finished off the interview by saying the show was just as family friendly as Hooters! I had a great time and I kind of yearn to be on the radio so if anyone has some strings to pull I'd like to get them pulled. Get me?

Samantha an I are going on an audition this Monday for the Lyric theatre. They are casting for some paid theatre gigs and I'm pretty excited about it. To be successful performing and acting I can never stop.

I'm pondering some new paintings to create once the show ends. I've got some great ideas and am submitting my art to shows and for the near future. I see much more art in my future!

Well I'm off to perform in Urinetown. Break a thing!


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