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Busy little life

Living life as been fun lately with so much to do. I’m still in Tulsa, doing shows of the acting and artistic variety. I performed in a show (for the Ultimate Murder Mystery) for <100 Republicans as a Sctottish thespian (The Western UMM show), which was pretty odd and humorous. I’ve been performing mostly in a show called “Trailer Trash Karaoke Deathmatch” as a cross-dressing security guard. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. I’ll let James D. Watts of the Tulsa world tell you more HERE :)I’ve gotten back to work on “Teaching Faith” (working title) here in town this week, recording ADR voice work and shooting a pick-up scene here and there. It’s a good film that is making it’s way the finish line after a long year of work!Since I last wrote I performed in a show with the great Billie Sue Thompson. She put together a show for kids, “Quillow and The Giant,” based on a book and it’s a cute little musical we’re gearing up to perform with at schools around Oklahoma once s…