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20110616_murdermystery0616Living life as been fun lately with so much to do. I’m still in Tulsa, doing shows of the acting and artistic variety. I performed in a show (for the Ultimate Murder Mystery) for <100 Republicans as a Sctottish thespian (The Western UMM show), which was pretty odd and humorous. I’ve been performing mostly in a show called “Trailer Trash Karaoke Deathmatch” as a cross-dressing security guard. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. I’ll let James D. Watts of the Tulsa world tell you more HERE :)

I’ve gotten back to work on “Teaching Faith” (working title) here in town this week, recording ADR voice work and shooting a pick-up scene here and there. It’s a good film that is making it’s way the finish line after a long year of work!

Since I last wrote I performed in a show with the great Billie Sue Thompson. She put together a show for kids, “Quillow and The Giant,” based on a book and it’s a cute little musical we’re gearing up to perform with at schools around Oklahoma once school kicks back in. I play the lead, Quillow. We put the show up in about two weeks and everyone is very talented and I’ve had a grand time with them with more to come.

I also joined another group, this one’s an improv group. This officially makes me an idiot for doing so much all the time, but I feel that life’s meant to be lived. I don’t watch tv, I don’t have the internet at home and I love meeting lovely folks and living this crazy life. The group is called Crayons! You can find them on Facebook or on their website, http://crayonsimprov.com.

I’ve been having fun with my art as well, with a few shows and art parties. I very much want to paint more outside, but seeing how it’s been over a hundred degrees for the last few weeks it’s a little hard to not sweat to death, so I’m painting inside as time permits. I’m submitting myself for art shows and galleries, but if you are interested in seeing my work, please get in touch.

Speaking of heat, we went to camp in Branson for Independence day and swam as much as we’ve been able to cool ourselves off and adventure. When we are in the area, we’ve loved going to the Dewey Short Park along the banks of the Tablerock Lake, though it was closed this year from massive flooding. No problem, we thought, we’ll just park nearby and walk in. We did. So there we were in this place, the only ones in this place that’s usually packed with people. We swam, took some pictures (as ususal) and witnessed a lightning storm that cooled off the night once we got back to our tent. It was a perfect little trip. I want to swim all the time!

Sam and I have been busy with some family portraits and headshots for our little side project, SnowWood photography. We’ve got some good word-of-mouth business around town. If you know anyone who needs some actor headshots or senior pictures feel free to get ahold of us while the getting’s good!

Images say a thousand words, you can see photos from this month and last on my facebook page for a trillion of them.


See you ‘round!


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