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An average week?

Getting ready for hanging at the The Art House gallery, getting imagery for an art show in March GYPSY COFFEE HOUSE & CYBER CAFE', going over script for REASONS TO BE PRETTY, by Neil Labute at the PAC, refreshing lines for an The Ultimate Murder Mystery! next week, looking for my dancer's belt for a character outing as MEGAMIND, and preparing some Quick Draw Derick Magic for my friend Jes Lenee’s birthday on the 8th. Oh, and I've got a sweet art portfolio I'm wrapping up for an interview as an art manager this Friday for ole QT. So, It's an average week. HA!Check out the photo by Samantha she took of our show, Reasons to Be Pretty! The show’s been going very well. We’ve got some good reviews and the shows have been a blast to act in.Some review goodies..."Derick Snow’s performance as the loud mouthed Kent, a bullying misogynist cheating on his wife, is an absolute joy to watch, creating moments of laugh out loud humor and of unsettling physical and emotion…