An average week?

Reason to be Pretty

Getting ready for hanging at the The Art House gallery, getting imagery for an art show in March GYPSY COFFEE HOUSE & CYBER CAFE', going over script for REASONS TO BE PRETTY, by Neil Labute at the PAC, refreshing lines for an The Ultimate Murder Mystery! next week, looking for my dancer's belt for a character outing as MEGAMIND, and preparing some Quick Draw Derick Magic for my friend Jes Lenee’s birthday on the 8th. Oh, and I've got a sweet art portfolio I'm wrapping up for an interview as an art manager this Friday for ole QT. So, It's an average week. HA!

Check out the photo by Samantha she took of our show, Reasons to Be Pretty! The show’s been going very well. We’ve got some good reviews and the shows have been a blast to act in.

Some review goodies..."Derick Snow’s performance as the loud mouthed Kent, a bullying misogynist cheating on his wife, is an absolute joy to watch, creating moments of laugh out loud humor and of unsettling physical and emotional brutality."

"Snow, in his first show with Odeum, is excellent as the unrepentant horn-dog Kent, one of the most convincing monsters of ego you're likely to see on a stage."

Yes, they misspelled my name. Big surprise! Haha. But that's two for two.

Come down and witness something brilliant, hmmmmmm? Here’s a fun tip: This Thursday, 2/24 you can get a %50 discount on the ticket by using the password “Facebook.” That’s a GREAT deal. If you can’t make it on Thursday I humbly ask you still take the time to see this intense, surprisingly electric and funny show.

On March 5th and 12th, I’m continuing my fabulous role in Love Never Dies (But You AIN’T LOVE) I’m sassy and you’ll love it. The 12th is already sold out, but you can still get tickets to this marvelous Dinner Theater for March 5th.

Get tickets here @ and make friends on facebook HERE!

Other acting fun?

I auditioned for The Tulsa Drillers last week and even though I didn’t get the part, I did get some great ideas from the folks putting on the national search. I was one of four to even be asked to come for the final audition, so I’m pretty happy with how things turned out, and I’m putting some ideas together for getting some really interesting work in the not-too-distant future.

I’m playing MegaMind on Sunday at some random Sam’s club with friend Jes Lenee’. That’s one tight outfit, so that means I get to don my classic DANCERS BELT once again! Wooha!

I’m continuing rehearsals for The Drunkard. I’m scheduled to start up as Sample sometime next month. It’s a big part and I look forward to entertaining audiences in the longest running show in the entire United States.

On the art side, things have been going so very well. I’ve sold some great art in between all the winter madness. I have sold about 15 works and have big plans to make and sell more magic. I’ve got my art up for a big party at The Art House this Saturday the 26th, with music and magic for everyone who is coming. Even though I’m not there (I’m acting in Reasons to Be Pretty), I’ve reorganized my art and have some new stuff up there just in time for that show. Feel free to make your purchase there. I’ll get the money and you can help out a great new venue. It’s on 15th between Harvard and Delaware, right next to the scooter store and Cheap Thrills.

I’ve also got steam building for a great new art show on March 4th. Celebrating the First Friday art walk, I’m putting on a show, SnowEyes Come Home: A Night of Live Painting And Music.

SPECIAL GUEST: AUTUMN SHADE. That’s right. This show’s going to rock! I’m painting new works that night and will have more new, unseen work available for purchase that night and a few weeks into the month at the GYPSY Coffe House. The Magic starts at 7. It’s going to be brilliant in the Downtown Arts District on March 4th.

Outside of all of that stuff, life’s been pretty good. Work’s going well and I’m absolutely enjoying the change of weather. I’ve been playing my “little” accordion at the park whenever possible and generally enjoying life. It’s a busy one, but I’m really into it.

Finally, I’ve got great news about Samantha. She got a job at the County Court House and we’ll both have a consistent paycheck for a change! I look forward to having some savings for once and maybe even eating sushi… SmileI hope all’s well everyone.

To Life!


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