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A December, I hardly knew ye.

December is nearly over but it’s been a month that’s slightly blown by, with the exception of a few great little moments with friends and family. The first days of the month were warm enough to travel out to Mannford for a lovely trek through an abandoned campground where “old” Mannford used to live. It flooded about 50 years ago and just little remnants remain. The days have been kind to the area, rendering the old houses and barns with grown-over vines and a beautiful weathered look that gives the area such a great invitation for my kind of adventures.That ended a few weeks ago when the weather got much cooler and had forced me inside more than I’d like, but I can’t complain. We’ve had lots of gatherings and parties this month.I’ve had friends over and even celebrated the time-honored Festivus (link), the festival for the rest of us. Our friends have melded the tradition of “The Aluminum Pole”, “airing of grievances”, and “feats of strength” with new added value, like an ugly sweate…

Funny Funny

It's funny how different an acting resume is from a work resume. One is filled with technical facts about my work history, one shows off how goofy I am. I've got two important auditions coming up, but I’m keeping my cards close to my chest until it’s time to collect. I've also got TWO art shows in January and another in February. Stay tuned!