A December, I hardly knew ye.

Abandoned FarmDecember is nearly over but it’s been a month that’s slightly blown by, with the exception of a few great little moments with friends and family.

The first days of the month were warm enough to travel out to Mannford for a lovely trek through an abandoned campground where “old” Mannford used to live. It flooded about 50 years ago and just little remnants remain. The days have been kind to the area, rendering the old houses and barns with grown-over vines and a beautiful weathered look that gives the area such a great invitation for my kind of adventures.

That ended a few weeks ago when the weather got much cooler and had forced me inside more than I’d like, but I can’t complain. We’ve had lots of gatherings and parties this month.

I’ve had friends over and even celebrated the time-honored Festivus (link), the festival for the rest of us. Our friends have melded the tradition of “The Aluminum Pole”, “airing of grievances”, and “feats of strength” with new added value, like an ugly sweater contest, and “bring a gift for yourself,” which is quite popular. Our friend Ty won the ugly sweater contest so we destroyed it so we could have a chance to win next year. Good times.

Gorilla ChicWe also got to hang with the family all last week, which I just loved. Being with family on Christmas the last few years has been tricky considering all of my bouncing around with shows and such. I went to Honor Heights in Muskogee for night lights, as well as Rhema this month, even as it was getting colder and colder around Samantha and me. As Christmas approached the ratio of health to cookie reached an unbalanced place but that’s the holiday. I’m pretty happy to get on with regular people food, but I sure did enjoy all the pie with friends and family.

I’ve been lining up auditions for some future goings on, and it’s still moving along. Patience is always a virtue as an actor. Things can start so slowly but it can be worth it. I recorded some voice work for Tulsa Community College last week and I hear it’s playing on the radio around Tulsa. So listen all day and night until you hear it. Winking smile

Currently I’m preparing a script for a new show I'm playing for the Odeum Theatre Company at the PAC for February 15-27th and making notes for an art show at Heller Theatre with Samantha on Jan 28th. Mark your calendars folks. It's going to be a good time. The Odeum Show is called REASONS TO BE PRETTY and you can already get tickets. It’s a straight play. No singing, melodrama, singing or improv. And it’s going to be great. The art show at Heller is coming up and I’ll have lots of space to share with Samantha’s photography. The art will be shown during the week of their show, “A Delicate Balance.” I’ll go ahead and leave our press release below, share the info with everyone. Have a great day friends!

Art Show at Heller with SnowEyes and Samantha Woodruff:
Fine Paintings and Photography together for one week
Heller Theatre / Henthorne Park, 4825 S. Quaker; January 28th; 7:30pm~Feb 5th

The Paintings of Snoweyes:
Painter, Poet, Performance Artist
Derick Snow was born in Missouri and lived in Barrow Alaska before eventually finding his way to Green Country, painting with bands and performing artists. He has been painting regularly for 6 years, coloring canvas to the heartbeat of the sounds that swirl around him, splashing his energy at those he may inspire. His first exhibition saw 17 of 30 works sold in a month's time and has been selling to clients regularly ever since.

Derick's works are primarily painted live onstage with performance groups and live music acts from all over the country, creating an energetic one-of a kind painting that is usually finished in one amazing night. His work is heavily influenced by the chaotic balance of nature, allowing his painting to take whatever shape the moment has allowed for. Many times symbolic images withdraw from the shadows to reveal hidden meanings right beyond the whispered textures of moons, melancholic trees and the human condition. No painting is given the giclĂ©e  treatment (print), which means every valuable unique piece will always stay that way.

In addition to painting, Derick has been a photojournalist and actor, appearing on his own children's program in Tulsa on Cox Cable ch. 20 titled, "Quick Draw Derick," and performed in Branson's stage musical of Peter Pan, Starring Cathy Rigby for the last two years. He's determined to bring the arts out to the people.

Snow was recently awarded "Absolute Best" of all artists in Tulsa by the Urban Tulsa Weekly magazine for 2009. Thanks for all those who nominated and voted! "I'm humbled and amazed by you all."

Derick creates private and public commissions, and speaks to groups about art and the importance of creativity in real world situation. For inquiries please email him at studiosound (at) yahoo.com, fly over to his Facebook page or online at www.snoweyes.com.    

Samantha Woodruff:

Samantha's love for creating beautiful, wistful, self-inspired photographic images began while attending Tulsa's School of Arts and Sciences, starting several years ago in the dark room; developing black and white film and continuing today through her extensive use of digital medium. In the last few years her mastery of digital manipulation has won accolades in contests regionally and nationally, with her photos appearing in Explore Los Angeles among others. When not photographing herself, she operates her portrait and creative headshot studio, SnoWood Phgotography. She has recently returned to her hometown of Tulsa by way of Branson and Los Angeles and is happy to plan a creative shoot for you. For inquiries, please contact Samantha at willowforlife (at) hotmail.com.


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