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Well, well, well

T-minus ten days from today and the magic’s over for one part of my little life. I feel very lucky to be where I am right now and I am happy to be allowed more amazing adventures in my life. Who knew I’d be living the vagabond life for the last two years? I hoped, put the energy out there and it came back to me in ways I couldn’t imagine.I’ve got Tulsa coming up in ten days. I’m looking forward to interesting projects and hanging out with my dear friends, but I’m doing my best to enjoy what I’ve got left while I’m here. That said, if you know any thing I might enjoy in any capacity (art, job, acting, etc.) I’d love to know.This last week has been fun. I captured a few pictures this week. I felt slimy, scary and rather villainous, all mixed up with a winning smile! The cast of Peter Pan all went on a scavenger hunt and of course it was the hottest day we’ve had in some time. It was downright punishing heat. I was captain of my photo team and Sam was captain of her own and we both did w…