Well, well, well

'Ole Self Before The ShowT-minus ten days from today and the magic’s over for one part of my little life. I feel very lucky to be where I am right now and I am happy to be allowed more amazing adventures in my life. Who knew I’d be living the vagabond life for the last two years? I hoped, put the energy out there and it came back to me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I’ve got Tulsa coming up in ten days. I’m looking forward to interesting projects and hanging out with my dear friends, but I’m doing my best to enjoy what I’ve got left while I’m here. That said, if you know any thing I might enjoy in any capacity (art, job, acting, etc.) I’d love to know.

This last week has been fun. I captured a few pictures this week. I felt slimy, scary and rather villainous, all mixed up with a winning smile!

The cast of Peter Pan all went on a scavenger hunt and of course it was the hottest day we’ve had in some time. It was downright punishing heat. I was captain of my photo team and Sam was captain of her own and we both did well trying  to capture weird things like Camels, Elvis Impersonators and butterflies. I ended my team hunt by leaping into a pool. Ah.

Handstand swimming contest


Cathy and Fluffy Rigby

We’ve scheduled a few  photo shoots this week. One band, a happy couple and three headshots! I feel blessed I know fine folks who trust us with their memories and portraits. I would love to do even more.

I took this nice scene from backstage after a show with Cathy Rigby, the star of the show I play Smee in. She’s got great, playful qualities I love that just make  this show enjoyable. I hope I get the chance to work with her again in the future.

The day today was much cooler in comparison. I awoke to a great thunderstorm and heavy rain that dulled the sharp temperature but introduced a heavy dose of humidity. It was a good trade-off. Tonight’s been foggy. I love fog.

I went to a nice coffee house (Vintage Paris) tonight that aroused my artistic wordy side and came up with a little poetry from a moment in time. I hope you like it.

“A moment of Thursday Evening”

Rising up like a seed in Spring
Possibilities form this little heart
Neon lit lovely glows behind hair let down
Layers of light shine and reflect
Memories of Summer nights like these
The Smell of rain brings a slow subtle curl upon
Lips with a taste of Renoir, A whisper of Crickets
The breath heavy night cleansed,
"Heated, cooled by the hidden Moon’s kiss.

I wrote the poem on a notebook I recently purchased to get some of my artistic inklings out and it’s begun to help with some of those musings and sketches I just can’t do on this little computer. I even have a lovely feather’d quill pen that Jes and Brian made for me. I feel like some Renaissance poet.

Saturday I’ve got another art party. I’ve arranged it to be at my condo at seven. Make it if you can. Thousand Hills/Foothills, F-18. It’s going to be good!

Enjoy the week.


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