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Goodness Gracious!

Hi friends and family! I’ve been quite in the mix of life, rolling along with Peter Pan and really enjoying photography the last few weeks.  Since I seem to write every few weeks I find I’ve really accomplished alot, so I’m sorry if you were only looking for a tiny update.Last I wrote I’ve visited some great places that offer mystery and intrigue. I combined that with people and moody ideas that excite the senses. The picture you see to the left is a really interesting picture Samantha took. I edited the image in strange ways. I love imagining thousands of years from now in places we may long abandon. What will that building, that Ramada Inn, that mall become; just splinters and nature melded into it. The spirit of that memory remains and I love searching for those feelings.Where have I gone? We’ve really enjoyed Table Rock Lake for swimming and art. We found a stream near our condo in Branson as well. Between the two we’ve had some great times and interesting photos. I was fortunate …

More on fate and life from LA to Branson

Derick Snow  is a firm believer in fate. "Were you in the right place at the right time?" I seem to be. Important people and events slip into my life and I can feel when these things are going to affect me, or I am going to affect them in important ways in the grand scheme of life. I've found when I open my eyes to the amazing world of Kismet, who I am doesn't change, the world doesn't change. How I live in the world changes and perceptions unfold, allowing me to see what I've been missing the entire time. I used to think I kept running into people because I lived in a small town, or a small city. I don't think that way anymore. I've experienced the wheels of fate in France, California, England, Branson... I see great opportunities all around me. The only control I have is to say yes or no to the adventure and I'm a yes man. I'm in the midst of a great rush of water that gently keeps me in interesting circumstances that are always...perfect. W…