Goodness Gracious!

Ocean Escape

Hi friends and family! I’ve been quite in the mix of life, rolling along with Peter Pan and really enjoying photography the last few weeks.  Since I seem to write every few weeks I find I’ve really accomplished alot, so I’m sorry if you were only looking for a tiny update.

Last I wrote I’ve visited some great places that offer mystery and intrigue. I combined that with people and moody ideas that excite the senses. The picture you see to the left is a really interesting picture Samantha took. I edited the image in strange ways.

I love imagining thousands of years from now in places we may long abandon. What will that building, that Ramada Inn, that mall become; just splinters and nature melded into it. The spirit of that memory remains and I love searching for those feelings.

Where have I gone? We’ve really enjoyed Table Rock Lake for swimming and art. We found a stream near our condo in Branson as well. Between the two we’ve had some great times and interesting photos.

I was fortunate enough to find a very cheap lens and film camera that’s compatible with my current setup at the flea market in Downtown Branson, which sparked a flash of creativity in us. We got a dress for very cheap and have had Samantha rolling around in all sorts of bodied waters, lakes and streams. We even came back to that abandoned hotel and lake for some truly creepy images:

Seeking it out

You can find all of the photos I’ve made throughout the month of July on my facebook page.
July Facebook “July 2010 Bizarre Eccentricities” Album.

Sam has always wanted to do a “trash the dress” shoot and now we’re both hooked. We’re looking for sessions that will allow us to get into trouble more often. :)

We’re lining up some more photo sessions with friends and coworkers and I’m very excited.

Samantha has begun a fun photo project for herself to further develop her already impressive craft: Project 365. That’s a photo a day of her, from her. It’s a challenge to keep photos fresh every single day and I’m happy she’s getting herself into photography so deeply.

You can see her flickr page here.

Outside of photography, what else have I been up to? Let’s see…

We got to go to Dixie Stampede this week, right after our excursion to that creepy hotel. The show was fun and the whole Pan crew made it out for the show. I ate an entire game hen and had a roaring good time. There are many other shows I hope to see, but I’ll see them whenever I get time.

I’ve also had the opportunity to start going to my favorite Branson-area coffee and wine shop, Vintage Paris. Thursday nights they have begun staying open until midnight. That is unheard of here in Branson. I totally needed a place that isn’t a bar in the area and I’ve had some great conversations there. I’m the kind of person that thrives in that environment.

Speaking of that environment, I started up art party Saturdays again to much merriment. The first of many began at my condo’s club house, since I didn’t know how many people would make it out. One great side effect of the place is that there’s a pool and hot tub right there. So in the midst of painting and art we would go splash in the water and reset our senses before coming back. I also loved talking to the cast, just finding out about life and spirit outside of the acting world.

Painting is one of the things I think I do best. I was tinkering around the internet and found a small video of Jes Lenee’ playing at Ida Red back in March of 2009. I had never seen this clip and wanted to share one of my creative painting sets. I usually don’t get the chance to see me creating a painting so I was happy to see this:

Jes Lenee and Derick Snow @ Ida Red

That’s pretty fun! Ah, memories. I’d love to paint a gig sometime soon.

The last week has had many little bright moments. Our first Monday off we went to Silver Dollar City for the first time this year. We finally got our paychecks which means we can get into just about any fancy show or attraction. Branson’s cool like that. While there we rode some fun rides, including the new Tom and Huck water cannon ride that absolutely soaks a fellow. I mean take a bath wet. These Summer days are HOT here so I was happy to oblige. We also saw a clever show that had stunt dogs called Amazin Dogs..or someting like that. They fetched, ran and bounded in way I never imagined dogs could do. Those furry little dudes were riotous.

Sam and I ran off and saw the new film inception last week. We aren’t movie buffs, but I do like a good film. It starts with a "wha?" ends with a "Gah!" Fantastic, well-woven, intense, deep, action(but not bloody)-filled romp that makes you glad to see a film. You'll be biting your nails but you'll walk out chuckling, amazed that anyone could pull that film off. See it if you get the chance.

Not too long ago former Hook (winter run) Tom Hewitt stopped by to say hello in between one of his shows he’s performing in up in St. Louis. He’s a great guy. I absolutely loved working with him and had a great time at a funny sushi place called Shogun. It’s mostly a Japanese steakhouse, but they have a pretty nice sushi menu, so a fair share of our Pan cast went down to catch up. Good times! P.S., Branson isn’t known for it’s sushi, but it’s easily not the worst sushi around. Frankly I’m glad it’s not all gravy.

Later that very night we went back to the Mansion to check out Liverpool Legends, a fancy send-up of the Beatles. The music was great. The fellow that plays John Lennon in particular has his singing style down pat, but everyone’s very enjoyable. It’s great to hear the sounds of the authentic guitars and amps from that era on stage. After the show we went backstage to meet the fab four and I introduced myself as Derick. Of course, they were glassy-eyed in a “who are you?” kind of way. After I said I played Smee in Peter Pan they became all gooey and dough-eyed, saying how much they loved me. So it’s official, they love Smee! All I need is a giant medallion that says “Captain Hook’s Loveable Sidekick, Smee” with a little arrow pointing at my head. Feel free to send me one.

Seeking out places with friends

Yesterday was one of our many advent’rous days. After the show, Sam, our new friend Katie and I went to a park where we heard rumors of an abandoned house. We managed to find the place before the sun got too low and we started our trek on a trail that eventually led us there. What we didn’t think about was our friend the tick. Oh! I was wearing shorts and sandals; the worst thing one can wear if ticks are about. Everyone was dressed similarly but hey, we only heard about the place before we left the theatre. On the not-so-bright side our legs were covered in dozens and dozens of little pill ticks. They looked like little pieces of dirt walking around our legs. On the bright side, they came off easily after a few baths and we found the house where we all took some great pictures and had fun adventuring. That’s my kind of day :)

We had a grand day today at the lake with the cast of Peter Pan. We packed up around noon and stayed out on the water (Table Rock Lake again!) all day on a boat. I brought sun block and swam, rode on a pontoon and raced around on an inner tube that was amazing fun. I don’t think I burned at all and I ended cooking up our food for 16 or so of the castmates and some of the Three Redneck Tenors that made it out to share in the fine day. The water was warm and even though it threatened to rain and lightning, the whole day was warm and  fantastic.

Here’s a link to all of those photos from my day at the lake, via facebook.

Tomorrow we begin another fun-filled week of Peter Pan. Just a few more weeks to go! I’ve added more pictures to the facebook Peter Pan album if you’d like to gander:
Some pics of Pan 2010 on Facebook.

This very Saturday at 9 I’m attending the Tulsa Premier night of The Rock n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher, that film I worked on a few years ago that’s finally showing it’s beautiful, weird little self to the place it was made in. It’s classic, funny, and sold out. If I can make it (I am driving to T-Town as soon as I get out of Pan) I am going to see one of the stars, Marshall Bell (of Twins or Total Recall or Stand by Me or Capote fame) receive a lifetime achievement award just before the film starts. That’s going to be fun!

Until next time!


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