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Introspective Painter

I painted a picture tonight after finding am artist’s supply store in my neighborhood. What does it mean to be a painter and how do I keep my craft; the artistic side of my heart while appeasing to outside forces that people call the real world. I’ll upload a photo later of my work so far and I’ll hopefully finish the work this week. He looks like a hopeful fellow in a square world.I love adding flourishes to the work as I finish a painting but I have to ride the line of going too far. I’ve done it many times but have the tenacity to sit down and keep working until I’m done, whatever that means! I can sit on a painting for months and months before I finish one, or I can paint an entire work in an hour. When you paint (or whatever you create) how do you know when you are finished?

Photography Portfolio (updated 2013)

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Derick Snow has been a still photographer since 2003 and a videographer since 1997. In that time he has photographed, captured and adventured through more than five countries, including France, Ireland, The UK, Mexico, Canada and thirty of the United States.
Nature inspires, and the human form and it’s condition drive new artistic concepts in not only his photographs, but also in his other pursuits of painting, acting and audio production. In 2007 he produced the debut LP, Ezra Moon for the band he regularly painted with live on stage. In 2008 he hosted a well-received children’s show, “Quick Draw Derick,” in which he starred, wrote and produced. In 2009 he was given the auspicious title of “Best Local Artist” by the Urban Tulsa Weekly magazine. 2009 also saw him leaping onto the musical theatre stage as Smee, a lead character known as the greasy but loveable role in Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan. Through so many art…