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Derick Snow has been a still photographer since 2003 and a videographer since 1997. In that time he has photographed, captured and adventured through more than five countries, including France, Ireland, The UK, Mexico, Canada and thirty of the United States.
Nature inspires, and the human form and it’s condition drive new artistic concepts in not only his photographs, but also in his other pursuits of painting, acting and audio production. In 2007 he produced the debut LP, Ezra Moon for the band he regularly painted with live on stage. In 2008 he hosted a well-received children’s show, “Quick Draw Derick,” in which he starred, wrote and produced. In 2009 he was given the auspicious title of “Best Local Artist” by the Urban Tulsa Weekly magazine. 2009 also saw him leaping onto the musical theatre stage as Smee, a lead character known as the greasy but loveable role in Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan. Through so many artistic and business pursuits he has been afforded many great opportunities outside of the regular photographer’s markets.  His work has been seen on such venues as Yahoo News, CosmoGirl magazine and in private exhibitions.
In his early days in television, Derick worked exclusively through a black and white monitor, training his mind with a strong sense of composition and design. The imaginations of contrast and shape allowed him to easily transition into still photography and still pushes his eye when he captures light and form. During his television career he was also able to work with lighting directors that had a part in classic shows of yesteryear (Hee Haw, Uncle Zeb, ect.) who taught him many valuable lessons on creative lighting design.
He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his lovely girlfriend and inspiration Samantha Woodruff. They take pictures together as SnowWood Photography on Facebook.
Below you can find current samples of Derick Snow’s work in retouching, headshots, portraits, architecture and landscape, graphic/web design, as well as fine art and commercial photography.
Weddings / Events398797_10150999160747254_1284341763_n

Fine Art / Commercial Photography 64834_10151236508971887_703717417_n601169_10151152224521887_655699281_n
Color of summerWaterbound Play OnShort Bus
Gas StopTea Party 
Ocean EscapeQuite  A Headache
shadows and pebblesUltimate Murder Mystery
Ultimate Murder MysteryEvening Jes 10
Summer Fruita dream 
Intese Looksjust a happy thoughtLook Up Kid
Retouching Retouching Example Starred Photos
Fun with restouching 3
Fun with restouching 1
Fun with restouching 2

Me Myself and ISam Headshot BWLight Lit 
David HeadshotA Sharp LadPhilip Headshot 
Melissa HeadshotJes' HeadshotJames T Fields

Architecture / Landscape Barn Ozarkia 
Ultimate Murder Mystery @ Mollys
J'taime Eiffel

Downtown Tulsa Panorama 
Going To The Chapel 
Little Tree House Of The Wood 
Tulsa SkylineLos Angeles Tour Bus 
Tulsa State Fair 
Desert Skyline

Graphic Design / Product PhotographySMALLBedlam-Coupon-Page-Feb-2013a
mollys landing2Quick Draw Derick Website Draft
My award-winning novelLuna

Cathy and Fluffy RigbyHotel Portrait 

Samantha AngelOf My Accord 
Yoga can be bad for health (AP)Pictures from our big LA tripGuitar Meadow
Samantha Photo Shoot381978_10151076631586887_570525492_n 
Night Light Sight 2 
Mo SmilesIMGP2713edit2_fhdr  Evening Jes 6Melissa


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