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Scam, Fraud, Hell Burns and Beatles

by snoweyes. Yesterday was a one of those days where you hopefully look back and say, "aha! That's why it was the reason for all those knocks."

The day started well but not long after there was a knock at the door. The FedEX guy had a package for me. I was expecting him. I sold three paintings to a person a few days ago and was looking for their check. I signed for the envelope and opened it up...

Earlier in the week when I sold the paintings the person was just slightly off when I communicated with her. They wanted to send the price of the paintings and enough for shipping. The total would be about 650 minus shipping. Usually on my website you simply get notified that a painting is bought and you begin the packaging process once the money gets deposited in the bank. I thought that maybe the person lived overseas or something....

Back to yesterday. I slid the contents of the envelope out, and saw the check, read the amount.

The check was for three-thousand dollars. Way…

Poem of the Day

UTW Photos
by snoweyes. I awoke in a flurry last night, my body vibrating from metaphysical forces. My mind was sharp and the words came rushing to the bit of poetry. The image above is from a painting I made and sold long ago. I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it.

Desired energy light glows near low waters
Touching bare feet under the foam there
Not more than two tracks limping away
Where the end of one rock latched to the sand
Creaked open once.

New scent of a secret sweet emotion linger'd
Not gone but could not stay without cause
Wanted unwanted shadows once in the light
Shuddered as if to say less than a whisper
Was too much for us all.

As a raft without sail from constant storm
Drifted towards the little curls of land
Glowing shapeless forms began to ignite inside
Inward eyes flickered to show the secret spot
Meant for these nights.

Summer storms unlaid from corners of existence
Rose again with each hushed beat of surf
Low in timbre thick in breath it settled
Under the Moon beyond whe…

Aww Life

Aww Puppy
by snoweyes. Life's been a real treasure lately. In terms of work, I've been playing Smee to nice crowds nearly every night in Branson to Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan. We have a new hook this run and he's fairly...INCREDIBLE at his part. He's got a different presence about him that I think everyone will enjoy. While I'm at it, I haven't seen any cast list for Peter Pan for this Branson production, so I'll list who's in the show:

Cathy Rigby - Peter Pan
Tom Hewitt- Captain Hook / Mr. Darling
Doran Schmidt - Wendy
Kim Crosby - Mrs. Darling / Mermaid / Adult Wendy
Derick Snow - Smee (meeeee)
Dakota Jones - John
Mackenzie Godfrey - Michael
Austin Klingner - Slightly
Melissa Roberts - Curly / Wendy Understudy
Matthew Edward Matney - Tootles
Megan Ellis - Twin / Pan Understudy
Amanda Lusk - Twin
Chloe Leatherwood - Tiger Lily / Jane
Tom Wolff - Starkey / Hook Understudy
Clark Roberts - Cecco / Nana The Dog
Brent Buechel - Jukes / Indian / Croc
Sean Hood - Noodler Th…

Bright Snow

Bright Snow
by snoweyes. What a perfect day to soak in Nature's Soul! The skeletons of trees speak dreams today from where I lay at Point Lookout, writing these words.

Life and fate came to my mind. I sat at Point Lookout at College of The Ozarks for more than an hour, soaking in the beauty and utter silence around me. It was a perfect moment in Autumn.

Life and living in it are such funny things. Life's course changes from time to time and I know that it's important to simply let life happen. Yesterday was some kind of special day where my spirit decided to realize the world as I used to see its auras and have the confidence to look for the soul charge in people, places and ideas that come to me.

I wonder if the emotional winding up is pushing me to open my eyes about the world again. I hope and dream that I can open my inner eye as much as sincerely possible when I am up and about. The goal of life is not to be the most clever or the funniest. It's to live and love …