Aww Life

Life's been a real treasure lately. In terms of work, I've been playing Smee to nice crowds nearly every night in Branson to Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan. We have a new hook this run and he's fairly...INCREDIBLE at his part. He's got a different presence about him that I think everyone will enjoy. While I'm at it, I haven't seen any cast list for Peter Pan for this Branson production, so I'll list who's in the show:

Cathy Rigby - Peter Pan
Tom Hewitt- Captain Hook / Mr. Darling
Doran Schmidt - Wendy
Kim Crosby - Mrs. Darling / Mermaid / Adult Wendy
Derick Snow - Smee (meeeee)
Dakota Jones - John
Mackenzie Godfrey - Michael
Austin Klingner - Slightly
Melissa Roberts - Curly / Wendy Understudy
Matthew Edward Matney - Tootles
Megan Ellis - Twin / Pan Understudy
Amanda Lusk - Twin
Chloe Leatherwood - Tiger Lily / Jane
Tom Wolff - Starkey / Hook Understudy
Clark Roberts - Cecco / Nana The Dog
Brent Buechel - Jukes / Indian / Croc
Sean Hood - Noodler The Pirate / Indian
Todd Walker - Pirate / Indian
Joseph Craig - Pirate / Indian
Craig M Lucas - Pirate / Indian
Taurean Everett - Indian / Pirate
Olivia Policicchio - Liza / Mermaid / Indian / Tiger Lily Understudy
Regina Laughlin - Swing
Josh Eckblom - Swing
Sophie Aydt - Michael Understudy

There you go!

In other work news I've been lucky enough to get photography work taking headshots for actors and if you live in the area feel free to hop on my facebook or whatever you like and contact me for work. I've got lots of pictures of my work on the facebook and some choice pics on theflickr page I keep up. I set up a little studio at my house with nice lighting and everything, but I also have portable flash gear to get some nice outdoor pictures. The photo above with my doggy Shmoopy was one of the fruits of my figurative photo vines. I don't know what that means but I like it.

One more thing...I sold three paintings on my Etsy site this week; one hour after adding those particular paintings they were snatched up by a new collector (they bought all three). If you'd like a painting in time for Christmas, now is the perfect time to hop on my painting e-store thingy and partake in holiday spirit. I'll be adding even more this week so check back when you like.


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